Fact-Check: The Atlantic’s Hit Piece On Trump Is Pure Fiction

Fact-Check: The Atlantic's Hit Piece On Trump Is Pure Fiction
Image credit to Wiki Media.

According to a recent report, President Donald Trump had no interest in visiting the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery in Paris in 2018. Troops who lost their lives were none other than losers, apparently said the president.

The president countered that American Magazine prepares fake stories to gain popularity. The report published on this particular matter seems least likely to be true. Trump believes that constant fighting, followed by making realization, is something against his beliefs.

Brian Stelter from the CNN group also denied acknowledging this fact. He investigated and concluded that the sources were not at all enough to support the incident. He and the editor-in-chief also reacted, stating that people spreading such rumors must have the courage to come forward and provide precise crystal shreds of evidence.

It is easy to lie when hiding behind a name. Should there be more than five witnesses, then the chances are that the incident is believable to some extent. Former deputy White House secretary Gidley also called the allegation as disgusting and reprehensible.

He stated explicitly that during that time, he was in Paris. It is beyond belief that Trump can utter such vile thoughts. Donald Trump is known for his love and respect for the brave military troops. None of the weak and cowardly background sources has the courage of dissolving his name by providing false allegations.

Sources say that some cowards keep no stone unturned in hurting the significant military troop’s morale by the opposing political team. The incident of hitting a piece by Trump is a despicable fabrication.

During an interview in Washington DC, Miller specified that the president was desirous if attending the memorial. But the unpleasant weather condition disposed of the entire plan. Even he refused an umbrella by the Suresnes American Cemetery. These are some proofs of the president’s love and respect for embattled veterans and horses.

The absurd story of The Atlantic is utterly false as it is devoid of highly convincing evidence. As per the documents released due to FOIA’s request, the allegation regarding poor weather conditions was debunked. Despite so many incidents, former Vice President Joe Biden pounced by stating that his son joined the US military troop as an Attorney General.

Also, he went to Iraq for a year and won a Bronze Star. Non-winners do not at all win this recognition. Even the servicemen accompanying him did not return home and gave their lives in fighting the battle. To refer to them as losers is dishonor in return for their bravery and sacrifice.

The fact mention in The Atlantic is disgusting. It opposes several people’s beliefs. After such an incident, it will become very difficult to recognize Donald Trump as the commander-in-chief.

According to Biden, if he is selected as the commander in chief, he will ensure that all American heroes are recognized for their immense contributions. He said that Trump hardly has any sense of loyalty to the real heroes, and only thinks about himself.

The incident of Trump being too desperate on a debunked incident based on anonymous sources demands an apology. He respects the immense contribution of the troops and horses that had lost their lives in the battle.