Exposed: The 5 Backstabbing Republican Senators Voting to Convict Trump

Exposed: The 5 Backstabbing Republican Senators Voting to Convict Trump
Image Screenshot From Twitter Video Below.

On Tuesday, the leftists’ dream of a Trump conviction died after 45 Republican senators ruled that the Pelosi-Schumer impeachment was unconstitutional.

Insert Pelosi weeping in the background.

Credits to Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) for his gambit of introducing a motion to force a vote regarding the constitutionality of impeaching Trump, who is already a private citizen, and no longer holds public office.

While a 55-45 margin defeated the motion, the rats came out by getting Republicans on record, joining the Democrats in favor of the conviction.

The five Republican Senators are Utah’s Mitt Romney, Nebraska’s Ben Sasse, Maine’s Susan Collins, Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski, and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, a swing state with voting irregularities.

Despite his mixed signals, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is Noticeably absent from the list.

It’s also not a coincidence that the five senators regularly have media soapboxes in return for their sniping.

Sen. Paul wrote on Twitter, “This ‘trial’ is dead on arrival in the Senate.

Paul called for a procedural vote for holding a trial, arguing that the Senate shouldn’t address the impeachment article against President Trump filed by the House because he no longer holds public office.

Should the trial push through, Trump would become the first ex-president to face an impeachment trial.

Paul believes that the 45 Republicans vote against the motion proved that any upcoming trial would likely be rendered moot.

“If you voted that it was unconstitutional, how in the world would you ever vote to convict somebody for this?” the Kentucky senator told reporters.

“This vote indicates it’s over. The trial is all over.” He exposed the hypocrisy of the left and the five “Republican” turncoats for having double-standard political violence in his speech. He referred to the horrific 2017 incident when an unstable Bernie Sanders supporter driven to rage by liberal media opened fire on the conservative’s congressional baseball team on a June morning in D.C.

Fortunately, the participants were secured by the police officers who also fired at the shooter. Republican Rep. Steve Scalise was then severely wounded.

Pelosi’s move was again flushed in the drain, as her agenda, along with her allies, only seeks to divide the Americans. A far cry from the president’s call for “unity.”

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Fred LeMaster

The Whole Aristocratic Progressive Liberal Commie Socialist Democratic Party with their “The Squad”, those four questionable members truly should have their name changed to “The Corrupt Quartet”, and “The View” truly should be called “The Jealous View”, and their Illegally Labeled Left Leaning Conservative Repubs. back stabbing FAKE Repubs. (Who definitely have to be called ({“‘ Traitorous'”]}), (because they were Compromised by all of the Illegally Dark Money that came from The Chinese Communist Government, with #44’s Administration, who was also Compromised by all of that Illegal Chinese Communist Government’s Dark Money, and to include more Communist Chinese Government’s Dark Money happens to be Illegally Given to Ex-US AG Barr and That US Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts and many more………


it’s dead it’s done sop wasting taxpayers money on this dam impeachment, he is out of the office,
if your so impeachment happy try Nancy and her crownies get rid of dumb AOC who is clueless and runs her mouth which every the wind is blowing,
put your efforts into something more important like totally screw the country like your trying to do,
sit your lazy asses down and leave the impeachment alone already–

Sheila Sure

just temporary out of his DC office and just as temporary in his Florida office. the chances of bidummy remaining illegally in OUR white house are growing less by the hour now.


I thought their name was the cunt quad…

Sheila Sure

the correct slang is ‘their name is mud” look it up it means worse than your insult.


I’ve been a Republican for over 55 years but, after I’ve seen their cowardice and treason, I want nothing further to do with them! They betrayed our President and allowed a liar, cheater, thief and traitor into the White House. I’m sure that they won’t miss me or my support but, I hope that other Americans feel as I do.

They have put our Republic in jeopardy and have put the Communist Chinese in a position to takeover and/or destroy US. I can’t forgive them for that and risking the lives of our children and grandchildren!


I don’t like how you used the picture of Rand Paul with your headline, making it look like he is one of the “back-stabbing” Republicans wanting to convict Trump. He is the one leading the charge to STOP it.


They don’t seem to realize that the more they PERSECUTE to PROSECUTE Trump, the more they are making a Martyr out of him. If they’re going to go after everyone who incited this riot, are they going to prosecute the ones who RIGGED the election too??? THAT’S what incited what happened January 6th, NOT TRUMP. Just because you STEAL an Election, doesn’t mean you WON, anymore than robbing a bank means that the money is YOURS. Trump doesn’t let ANYBODY steamroller over HIM, or the US. If they thought he was going to take this laying down, they should’ve thought again.

Sheila Sure

not themselves at all. just all Americans if you haven’t noticed yet.


It’s always the same five. Censor them, ostracize them, send them to the Democrats where they belong voters.

Sheila Sure

yea to the dungeons with them! sometimes I miss the French revolution. they knew how to deal with the communists of their time

Sheila Sure

Moms forever to the end of time to their children: “see these 5 evil men kids. they betrayed our president trump. point out their shame to them every time you see them. and yes this one time you may moon pathetic wicked men. here have some cabbages and rotten eggs.”