Exclusive Footage: Kenosha BLM Threatens Retaliation Over Verdict…

Exclusive Footage: Kenosha BLM Threatens Retaliation Over Verdict...
Image From Video Below...

Charlie Kirk – Exclusive Footage: Kenosha BLM Threatens Retaliation Over Verdict

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The people shot were NOT victims, Kyle is NOT a murderer. They died because they decided to go on a path of criminality. It’s really that simple. Rioting, looting, and attacking people makes you a criminal, and if you lose your life in doing so that’s on YOU!

The only black person involved in the attack on Kyle was ‘jump kick guy’ who was in jail for other charges during the trial. HOW is Kyle’s case racist? These people are INSANE!!!!

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Hoosier Lady

Isn’t “terroristic threatening” a crime?


These BLM pukes are the racists. And maybe they ought to think what the BLM acronym actually means. If it means anything to them then they would be in Chicago putting a stop to all of the black on black murders that take place every single day at record numbers.


But remember blm and antifa are poor Excuses for human flesh. And a Stain on American Soil.


Since BLM is a organization that accepts money from donations ( While the ex co-founder spends millions for a home in the Hollywood Hills ) Rittenhouses lawyers need to sue them, for Millions, just as they should be doing to Biden,CNN and others


Why? A white boy killed 2 and shot a 3rd, all white!!!!!!
These geniuses either have the narrative wrong or they need anything to take to the streets. Hey, how about taking to a job???

Dorothy Jones

Anything to stir up s***

Last edited 1 month ago by Dorothy Jones

It doesn’t matter to these thugs, the Verdict wasn’t what they wanted, so burn the town down, they feel they are entitled to burn, loot, damage, rape and kill , if they feel it is a Racist matter, or if what happened was twisted to meet a narrative of the Media, even when presented with the proof, that what the media reported was false.