Evidence: All the Times Biden Lied About the Vaccine Mandates…

Evidence: All the Times Biden Lied About the Vaccine Mandates...
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The Next News Network – Kyle Becker from Trending Politics reports, Despite announcing the sweeping federal vaccine mandates would be issued by “executive order” on Thursday, the Biden administration on multiple occasions said that vaccines should not be “mandatory.”

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on’t forget when President Trump was getting the vaccines out they all said they wouldn’t take it!! So what’s up JOE??

just the lies alone to the american people should be impeachment.

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Just once I would like to hear the honest explanation of why vaccinated people need to be protected from unvaccinated people.

If the vaccine works they should not care. If the vaccine does not work then it does not matter.

So why the crazy insane caring? Why the crazy push to force vaccinations?

Further if tge vaccine is such a big deal why are they not vaccinating are the illegals and refugees? None of it makes sense.

And why arent all the crazy pro vaccine people thinking about this?

Someone is making money off tge vaccine. Is it biden?


The vaccine was designed so it would spread to the unvaccinated.. Not the other way around. America needs to wake up. The covid vaccine, is code for Bioweapon. Developed via a digital simulation.