EPIC: Rittenhouse Judge YELLS At Prosecution for Wasting Everyone’s Time…

EPIC: Rittenhouse Judge YELLS At Prosecution for Wasting Everyone's Time...
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Dinesh D’Souza – “Where is the best picture? I wanna see the best picture!”

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It appears the judge is getting sick of these assholes. Hopefully it’s not an act so the prosecution can claim the judge had it out for them. The prosecution deserves everything they have received from the judge

All the judges should be exactly like him!! He has won the hearts of all the American people that have integrity and only want FACTS. Not BS like the cult democrats are full of. I mean the democrats in charge. Not the ordinary people. I believe to each their own in who you support. But when it affects everyone with their lives. That’s where my issues come in. I don’t hate because u are not like me. Only when my life or my family’s life has been harmed. And it has. Dad had a stroke because of Pfizer first jab. Illegals killed my sister and more illegals crashed into my aunt and now she is blind in her left eye. This is NOT America! This is a 3rd world country. Just like Obama and Biden want it. They hate Americans!

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