Epic: How to Respond When Falsely Labeled as ‘Racist’…

Epic: How to Respond When Falsely Labeled as 'Racist'...
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Ben Shapiro – Ben Shapiro explains how you should respond to being called a racist and gives his thoughts on how conservatives should reach out to the black community.

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” There’s a difference between hate speech and speech that you hate ” – Tom McDonald

My response is similar with Bill Maher’s: “You’re a racist” is the new “I don’t like you!””

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John J

To hell with the black community, I may offer some support AFTER they learn to say JUNE NINTEENTH and how to pluralize the word CENT


The thing about the reason for june nineteenth is because a Republican freed the southern slaves and no democrats voted for it. So it’s a good thing to remember, so why are the leftists calling it as a show about slavery in the US? Don’t they educate themselves, or do they just do what their handlers tell them? May they should start teaching themselves about how after the slaves were freed, the democrats started the kkk and white supremacy movements to take their free labor back to the plantations. Or that the civil rights acts wouldn’t be around if it wasn’t for the Republicans. The demonrats have been lying to them since the end of the civil war. The civil war had everything to do with keeping their slaves. That was the state ‘right’ they are talking about in the Big Lie.


Look up the definition of racist!