EPIC: Charlie Kirk Takes on Marxist Teacher Live…

EPIC: Charlie Kirk Takes on Marxist Teacher Live...
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The Charlie Kirk Show – Charlie Kirk Takes On Marxist Teacher

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We need to eradicate all marxist “teachers”

“You expect each parent to have these 100s of thousands of dollars to pay for the education of each of their children?” YES!!! Or don’t have children you can’t afford. Why the hell is this such a controversial position to expect for people to pay their own way and not to expect the rest of society to pick up the bill for things that only benefit you/your child/your family and not the rest of society. And somehow lost in all this is that the education still isn’t free, someone still has to pay for it even if it’s paid for by taxes. Maybe the question to be asked is “You expect the taxpayers to pay 100s of thousands of dollars to educate each of your children because you can’t be expected to take financial responsibility for your own actions or keep it in your pants?”


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