Entire Rochester Police Dept. Command Staff Resigns

Entire Rochester Police Dept. Command Staff Resigns
Image Screenshot From News 8 WROC YouTube Video Below.

Rochester Police Chief La’Ron Singletary finally stepped down after days of continuous anarchy and vandalism in protest over the death of Daniel Prude. Along with Singletary, two other deputy police chiefs also resigned from the department.

Mayor Lovely Warren first confirmed the news on the Rochester Police Chief’s resignation to City Council this Tuesday. However, the Mayor could not disclose concrete answers when reporters asked her on who would take over.

Warren said that she needs some time to figure out the Police Chief replacement as she has just been made aware of Singletary’s decision.

In the news release, Singletary explained the reason behind his resignation.

City Council President Loretta C. Scott told News10NBC that Singletary would be serving until September 28.

Singletary stated that after giving the dedicated and passionate service to the Rochester Police Department and Rochester Community, he decided to resign. He has been serving the entire community with the utmost honor, pride, and highest integrity level.

In March, prude’s death was another incident of a black man dying in police custody, which sparked enormous outrage and protests in the whole Rochester community and across the states.

Daniel Prude, 41, died in police custody after being forcefully restrained by the police officers and was placed in spit hood. Before his death in police custody, Prude’s family called the police since he was having a mental illness and was behaving violently. The medical examiner later stated that he was in acute PCP intoxication.

The seven alleged police officers involved in Prude’s case were suspended from Rochester Police Department.

Police Chief Singletary stated that he is a man of integrity, and it’s tough for him to sit idly when the protesters outside strongly want to destroy his character and image. According to him, the on-going protest event over the past few weeks is a strong attempt to ruin his sole integrity as a dedicated and loyal police officer.

The entire Rochester Police Department and great Rochester community know his reputation as a police chief, and they also know what he stands for. According to the police chief, the protesters outside have mischaracterized and politicized his action after the police custodial death incident of Prude, which is not driven by real fact.

Along with Police Chief Singletary, Police Deputy Chief Joseph Morabito and Deputy Chief Mark Simmons also put their papers down to resign from Rochester Police Department.

While Singletary pointed his finger on outside protesters for bringing his character and integrity down, Mayor Lovely Warren had previously put the entire blame on the structural system of racism behind the death of Prude.

According to the Mayor, the institutional and structural racism caused the death of Daniel Prude in police custody, and she doesn’t deny it. Warren also said that she stands for it, and she calls for justice.

She further added that the Police department significantly failed Daniel Prude, the mental health care system, societal system, and she mourned with anger and grief for all failures that led to his death.

Police officers can be seen pushing Prude to the ground from the police bodycam footage, which made him more agitated. The police tried to restrain him by putting a knee to his back and pressing his face to the ground, and that was when he lost his consciousness.