Empty NYC While Wuhan Parties in the Streets

Image From Twitter Post Below.

Ghostly streets resembled the New York Times Square, similar to a post-apocalyptic science fiction movie on New Year’s Eve.

On normal occasions, the streets would’ve been filled with party-goers to ring the new year, yet, this time, they were abandoned as the country’s largest city suffer the long-standing restrictions due to the pandemic. 

As if the moments couldn’t get worse enough, Joe and Jill Biden appeared on national television to “lighten” up the mood using a party popper that they couldn’t even properly manage to work. An omen, perhaps?

Millions of Americans still don’t buy the results of probably the most fraudulent election in US history. The corrupt establishment must feel the public’s hesitation on the new ruler, necessitating, to foist the Biden couple in the frame. 

Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve featured the couple and force-fed them to a national audience, similar to when the new leaders interrupted a prime-time college football game between Clemson and Notre Dame.

Owned by entertainment giant Disney, the “party” was hosted by ABC, which also has a huge vested interest in a Biden administration that expects the 77-year-old to quickly restore relations with the channel’s biggest market, China.  

The 49th New Year’s Eve bash became a pathetic end to 2020, a year that savagely stripped the Americans of civil liberties under a fabricated public health emergency.  

According to the New York Post, only a few hundred people, mainly first responders, had access to Times Square on New Year’s Eve to close 2020. 

Low key celebrating, Mayor de Blasio and First lady Chirlane McCray attended to initiate the traditional ball drop at midnight. A star-studded performance also featured Cyndi Lauper, Jennifer Loper, and other celebrities televised for home viewers.

The event that would normally attract thousands of tourists has been deserted and drew several social media users’ attention. 

“It’s so surreal to watch New Year’s Rockin Eve and see Times Square empty,” wrote one user. 

Ironically so, the ghostly “celebration” in the Big Apple showed a star contrast to Wuhan, China’s festivities, where streets filled with revelries. Once a home of the coronavirus, people were out celebrating their freedom.

And why wouldn’t they, when China would be served better by a Biden administration? The Chinese, no wonder, is laughing at us.