The Ellen Scandal Deepens


There has been a lot of noise around The Ellen DeGeneres Show and if the shocking allegations regarding the abuse scandal are even partially proven, it could put a full stop to the star’s television career.

We have come to know this from a brand expert who recently talked to Fox News and issued the warning amid a joint investigation run by Warner Media and Third Party firm, into the employee treatment of this particular show.

The report of the show’s toxic work environment which includes racism, internal bullying, and verbal abuse, was publicly exposed after former employees of the show came forward to BuzzFeed earlier this month.

The claim was so strong that it worked as a strong counter to DeGeneres’ positive on-screen attitude and “Be kind to One Another” catchphrase.


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“She could be perpetrating one of the biggest frauds in American celebrity history,” Reputation Management Consultant Chairman Eric Schiffer said to Fox News.

“There are now serious investigators looking into the allegations, and if the findings are as damning as what has been reported, then you could watch the ‘Ellen Show’ go boom.”

Schiffer thinks the rising number of allegations will definitely cause more problems for the leadership team of the show.

The experts said that DeGeneres’ own reaction to the scandal was kind of arrogant and the star was “crazy” for not taking responsibility of what happens behind the scenes of her own show.

“In Hollywood, the buck stops at the star’s name on the door, not at the producer level,” Schiffer said. “It would be impossible for her to not know what [was] happening within her own staff.”

As the American Left’s Cancel Culture is reaching its benchmark zone, the scandal arrived at the worst possible time for DeGeneres.

Just one of any of the allegations reported to BuzzFeed would cause crucial problems for other stars — and DeGeneres is experiencing a pile of such allegations.

Some former employees even claimed that they had to opt for the GoFundMe fundraiser seeking money for the costs not covered by insurance over worries that it could spoil the public image of DeGeneres show.

Others raised their voice about racist comments going unchecked behind the scenes of this show.

According to the reports taken from the ex-employees, many of those who complained or became vocal about the working condition reality, were those pushed off the show or those not offered a contract renewal.

The truth is, if some of the claims are proven to be true, it will be disastrous for her show.

In a recent interview with a New York based media publication, DeGeneres’ production company cleared the air about the cancellation issue regarding the show and said that Telepictures can confirm the reports are not true. The 62-year-old has always portrayed an image of positivity and happiness on her talk show which has been one of the globally popular shows for years.

However, several claims of unkind behavior of DeGeneres started making rounds on Ssocial media. Many of the people shared their stories on social media alleging her Diva-like behavior. In early May, one of her bodyguards described her as “very cold” and also added that the way Ellen treats people who aren’t in her circle, is kind of demeaning.     

A new staff member of Ellen DeGeneres’ production team said that every day Ellen picks someone to hate on.

Now it seems that luck has not been on DeGeneres’ side these days.