Drunk Democrat Crashes into a Ditch: Unbelievable Dashcam Video…

Unbelievable Dashcam Video: Drunk Democrat Crashes into a Ditch

The Next News Network – Cristina Laila from The Gateway Pundit reports, Dashcam video of a drunk Democrat Michigan lawmaker resisting arrest after crashing his SUV into a ditch was released this weekend. 26-year-old Michigan state rep. Jewell Jones was seen driving erratically on I-96 before he got into an accident in Livingston County on April 6th.

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he should be removed from office immediately and never allowed in any government office again.

Once again, they resist when told what to do. Why do these fools think they are above the law! Make him pay!!!

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This is the example he is giving to our citizens, especially to the younger ones who are looking up to this sorry incompetent example for our kids. RESISTING arrest. How stupid can you get… this reckless stupid behavior that NEVER ends well, and which those who do it never learn from. And using the power of the office that he was elected, to intimidate and over take the police who were there to protect him from hurting himself and to protect we the innocent people who he could have killed on the road making us his victime to his incompetence and carelessness because HE thinks he’s above and exempt from our laws, and above us. The police are there to protect us from criminals like HIM. No wonder the criminals out there resist arrest, it’s people like him who teach these criminals what to do.

Throw the book at this incompetent low life. He is UNFIT to be a lawmaker, UNFIT to rule over me and my family, and UNFIT to be in congress and to hold that powerful office.

Until the congress and the courts stand up to the democrat’s lawlessness and their excessive and continued abuse of power, they will continue their tyranny. Make an example of this abusive communist tyrant.


My God, is this really a member of State Government? Wow, what a truly “GOOD” example he set for his constituents! Now, everyone can actually witness the hypocrisy and double standards in this state’s government. You can’t do anything to me because, I’m a Black Democrat! Sadly, I’m willing to bet that nothing worthwhile will come of his arrest….

Stacy Dougherty

His license will be taken away and he resisted arrest and endanger others lives with his vehicle. He is lucky he didn’t kill anyone while drunk driving. No he is not above the Law!!