Drivers Stranded On I-95 For Over 20 Hours

Drivers Stranded On I-95 For Over 20 Hours
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– Drivers were stranded yesterday for over 20 hours due to snow on the I-95 in Virginia.

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Its amazing how many people don’t ever plan on a scenario like this. Growing up in the middle of nowhere Wyoming it was just an everyday thing to have a Tupperware container with basic necessities in EVERY vehicle. Thats not a tin foil paranoia thing, its an “avoid frostbite and have a warm meal” thing. And also having an Every Day Carry pack (EDC) isnt a bad idea either. Don’t forget the baby wipes!!

This is mainly due to the fact that they aren’t used to this weather and aren’t prepared with equipment. Hell, If that happened in Minnesota, half the folks would have a shovel in the back and would have plowed the interstate by hand in two hours.


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Wonder how an Electric Vehicle would have survived this situation.