Dr. Fauci: Vaccinated and Boosted Americans Better Not…

Dr. Fauci: Vaccinated and Boosted Americans Better Not...
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The Gateway Pundit – Dr. Fauci: Vaccinated and Boosted Americans Better Not Go Out to Public Places Right Now

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HE PATENTED THIS VIRUS to usher in Klaus Schwab’s GREAT RESET along with Soros and the banking secret club of Rome. WE ALL KNOW THEIR PLAYBOOK. Time to hunt them all down through a new Nuremberg court of human rights violations!

I think for once he’s right. If you are vaccinated and have all your boosters , you should stay home and keep away from me. You are the super spreaders keeping Covid alive.


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sorry dr quack, but i work and have things outside the home that needs to be done. after all the lying you do i have no faith in you.


This is unbelievable but probably predictable. Just as some experts explained about the so called vaccine early on. It actually has attacked your body’s immune system leaving one vulnerable to illness, including Covid variants. So really what good is it? And when Joe Biden tells us it’s the end all, be all. Get the shot and you’ll be safe, that’s my message to be very wary of what this poison is going to do long term.


So the Father of Covid is now saying that the vaccines he helped create, pushed through to give the Democrats a weapon to use against Trump first , then the Public later, don’t work. In truth the only thing that comes close to working is Herd Immunity, but of course Fauci, Biden,, Pelosi,, Schumer and others ( Getting their orders from the Handlers really in charge ) will deny and change any Scientific reports that say this and with the Help Of the MSM , continue to spread their lies


So Dr. Josef Mengele protege faux Dr. Fascist fuaci is admitting the vaccines are dangerous placeboes.