Don Lemon Announces Plan for the Unvaxxed…

Don Lemon Announces Plan for the Unvaxxed...
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The Next News Network
– Gabe Kaminsky from The Federalist reports, CNN’s Don Lemon ridiculed Americans who choose not to get vaccinated against COVID-19 on his program Monday evening, saying they should not be permitted to participate in society due to their “freedom” logic.

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Don must be as bitter as his last name (or even battery acid bitter). Is he possessed? (very likely) 🙁

The only reason i have knowledge of this is Next News Network, Nobody watches CNN…..NOBODY!

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The vaccine is experimental, has not been properly tested and is NOT approved by the FDA. It’s my body and I choose not to get that poison into my body. I won’t wear a mask or get tested either. The tests don’t know t he difference between covid and diarrhea.


Not a vaccine! No anti-bodies in this poison. mRNA is NOT a vaccine.

glenn archer

Lemon had the vaccine. I wonder if that may be the cause of his his stupidity.


Why does he care if he has the vaccination? As a narcissist he only cares about himself anyway. Oh I know why, because those that took the vaccine have had their immune system compromised and they are now vulnerable not only to variant strains of Covid but also any other type of virus or disease that would normally had been fought off by one’s immune system.

Ace Ferrari

He should be hung by his alleged balls!!!!

Bart Ohama

For the ‘catcher’ Don, It’s not getting blasted in the ass by a White ‘pitcher.’ For Don, White is nice and Black goes to the other line.