Dominion Refuses to Testify, They Lawyer Up Instead


On Thursday night, Dominion Voting Systems refused to testify before Pennsylvania’s State Government Committee. According to a Pennsylvania lawmaker, the company “lawyered up” instead.

President Trump’s legal team has frequently cited Dominion on several allegations of voter fraud and irregularities. The president’s campaign has been auditing and challenging the election results in the hope of overturning the already-media-declared president-elect Joe Biden.

Newsmax reported Pennsylvania State Representative Don Keefer slammed the voting systems company officials after backing out at the supposed hearing at the state capital.

The hearing could have been an “opportunity” for the company to “demonstrate who they were, elaborate on the services they provide, and explain the products being sold and how they were being utilized.”


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“Unfortunately, they’re rescinding their acceptance of participation in our committee hearing. They robbed our voters of that information,” said Rep. Keefer.

Statistical analysis was being relied on for the inquiries to Dominion. President Trump tweeted a graph from Justin Hart and claimed to use it in the court case, adding that the election was a hoax.

The chart presents a view of the Michigan data. The arching lines are the sums of the candidates’ votes in the election week.

When a batch comes in, there is a normal jump where 57 percent goes to Biden. However, an abnormal jump is noticeable when the votes sum up to 96 percent to the Democrat. The campaign has successively pointed out the same incident.

Pennsylvania lawmakers had hoped to address the concerns on Dominion voting systems, yet the company chose to lawyer up and boycott the hearing.

The lawmakers and taxpayers/voters then ask, what are they hiding?

About 1.3 million voters used the voting system in the state. Had the voting systems shown up at the hearing, several questions could have been clarified that not only Pennsylvanians but the whole of America have been wary of in the past weeks.

However, Dominion still drags the controversy, leaving us even more confused, angered, and anxious about what truly happened in the election.