Does Not End Well: BLM Targets Upscale Restaurant…

Does Not End Well: BLM Targets Upscale Restaurant…

Another “peaceful protest” has once again taken place. This time, it was in an upscale restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky.

At least one of the Black Lives Matter and Antifa thugs was armed, but those at the restaurant did not just let them do what they wanted.

Instead, they yelled and taunted the mob by telling them to “come on,” all while someone was yelling at the mob to “go” and leave.

While all of this was happening, a man in a blue shirt suddenly pulled a pistol out of his pocket and pointed it at the BLM mob. 

Just in time, the BLM and Antifa thugs decided to leave, passing by a group of police officers on their way. However, no arrests have been reported, even though the mob walked right past them.

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Gerald S Ladd

He should have shot at least one nigger.

cole gach

I can’t read the article because of the side band covers the words!!!!!!!

Briben biden

The pice need to stop being wimps and start protecting people. It should not have to be the responsibility of the restaurant manager to stop a violent harassing mob from wrecking their restaurant.

If it is the restaurants responsibility the bidens gun control plans are completely out of line and biden needs to be in prison for even suggesting it.


This is just like the present day democrats like to see it go. If the states don’t primary the RINOs in the next election so we can get decent representatives, it will never get any better.


it is just time to start shooting these freaks and terrorist