DNC Speaker Is A Convicted Kidnapper, Rapist And Torturer

DNC Speaker Is A Convicted Kidnapper, Rapist And Torturer
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Donna Hylton was notoriously known as inmate #86G0206 for 27 years.

She was behind bars for a long time with the charge of a grisly murder and torture of Thomas Vigliarolo, a New York-based businessman. Thomas’ body was found rotten inside a steamer trunk. The incident took place in Harlem.

Hylton, along with six others, were directly involved with this heinous murder, as the prosecutor stated in 1985.

Last Thursday, the Democratic National Committee hailed Hylton as America’s most impactful leader of the community. She was featured respectfully in a video where she read the preamble to the constitution during the televised part of the convention night.

Hylton’s video appearance left many people dumbfounded and furious, wondering why the Democratic Party would show much support and respect for a woman involved in brutal rape, torture, and murder of a 62-year-old man.

The ex-convict wrote that she was used to getting hate massages and un-Christian attacks on her Twitter account. She had lessons years ago from her Pastor, and that made her stay focused.

Her tweet definitely garnered more followers to support her, but it also opened up Hylton and Democratic Party to a massive flood of criticism.

Adnan Khan said to strongly bash those bots and cowards who don’t even use their real picture and name. It clearly shows the position of Hylton, where she actually is.

Several other people sought to remind the public of her violence in the past. One of the users said that DNC’s “America’s most impactful community leader” was Donna Hylton. She is a 55-year-old woman convicted for kidnapping, rape, torture, and murder of a 62-year-old Long Island-based real estate broker in 1986.

Hylton was born in Jamaica and was sold to an American couple in New York at seven years old. Her mother regularly told her that she would have fun in Disneyland, but her father was a pedophile who used to molest her every day.

Hylton said that she would often keep hiding from her father. Whenever she saw the little silver ray of light, she knew that her father was coming to molest her. After her highly disturbing and rough childhood, she saw some hope in high school and became a local track star.

Still, things took a completely different turn when she was convicted of her kidnapping, torturing, and murder of Viglliarolo.

According to the court’s records, Hylton, along with six others, drugged and kidnapped Vigliarolo. There were four men and three women who held Vigliarolo prisoner for almost 15 days, during which they kept him starving, burned, tortured, beaten, sexually assaulted, and raped. His death was because of asphyxiation and deprivations of his imprisonment, stated by the prosecutor.

At the courtroom trial, Hylton claimed that she was forced by Louis Miranda, who had threatened to kill her then 4-year-old daughter if she wouldn’t participate in the crime. A jury gave her the conviction of second-degree murder and two counts of first-degree kidnapping. She ended up with the 25 years of sentence in jail.

Behind bars, Hylton continued her studies and did the masters in Women’s studies and English literature from Marymount Manhattan College. She was paroled in 2012.

In an interview with Fox News recently, Hyton said she was innocent of her charges.

Since her release from prison, Hylton has been actively working on prison reform and gender equality in American jails.