Disgraceful: Cuomo Left His Dog Behind in the Governor’s Mansion…

Disgraceful Cuomo Left His Dog Behind in the Governor's Mansion...
Image From Video Below...

Newsmax TV – On his final day in office, embattled NY Governor Andrew Cuomo went down swinging in his farewell address, branding the Attorney General report which caused his resignation a ‘political firecracker,’ while on the same day it was reported that he left his own dog behind at his mansion in Albany.

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Horrible, even homeless people keep their pets in bad times. This man is a disgrace.

Can always tell a person’s character by how they treat animals.

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what do you expect he is a democrat they have no feelings but one—- money


Think he’d’a took him with him if it were a yellow dog? I hear they favor the yellow ones.


Cuomo has even less caring for his dog than he had for the thousands he killed in the nursing home !


Seems like maybe the dog got lucky.


The dog’s a lot better off. I’d imagine even the Dog didn’t like him.

John J

The bastard should be arrested for animal cruelty


Then he should have been arrested every day he went to work and abandoned the dog for the day. He didn’t abandon the dog. He left it in others care until he gets a place he can have the dog. Guy’s a POS, but lets stick to the facts.


typical dEM… NEVER HAD HIS DOG TRAINED…..AND AS USUALL the dams just leave behind… Notice all the Dems partying.. never a word to the families that lost. love ones///.. Party in DC… Calif.. alll over….C elebrating being woke…. And they are creating our next 9-11..They are coning across our open borders now………………


If a normal person did this, they would go to jail for it. How are you liking those #2setsofrules??