Disgrace to See: CNN’s Don Lemon Goes Off on Parents…

Disgrace to See: CNN's Don Lemon Goes Off on Parents...
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The Next News Network – Cassandra Fairbanks from The Gateway Pundit reports, CNN activist and host Don Lemon unloaded on parents who oppose the teaching of Critical Race Theory, demanding they need to stop “making it about you” when it comes to what their children are learning.

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Never trust CHILDLESS politicians or MSM.

so why is lemone’s lover white? Making lemonade

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Dawg Hersey

black fag that cant play ball what a lemon!


Did you notice Lemon’s reaction when he was asked why wouldn’t he want children to learn about the past? He sounded a lot like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, he stuttered, he chuckled, he stammered…and then launched into a diatribe that did everything but answer the question. Disgraceful. Lastly, I wonder how those cops felt. Were they OK with arresting people? What exactly were the charges? How long was it before they were all released and what will be the result of those arrests?

Briben biden

he is a moron who would not be there if is were not for black privilege.


What selfrespecting white homo would want don lemon? No “Pride”.


Oh ! There’s One and iT is a poor excuse as Donnie (boy) Lemons.


Donnie (boy) Lemon isn’t a Parent and has No Little Boy’s and Girl’s to push around and talk Bad BS around. Donnie (boy) needs to keep his comments to himself. Donnie is One Disgraceful Individual. So Donnie say Good Night 🌙 and go home for GOOD !!

Briben biden

like all urban dwellers don know nothing about what he is talking about and is obviously wrong on every issue.

Same is true with urban dwellers and the environment. They know nothing. they visit the environment. they don’t live in it. their opinions on environment are meaningless.

Same is true with gun laws. they live with the scum that join gangs and use all sorts of weapons to abuse others. urban dwellers have no idea what real gun owners do or think about guns.

Urban dwellers are just unknowledgeable people who get their opinions from a TV. So the TV should note and not them.

Briben biden

hey democrats WHERES YOUR HUMANITY! Democrat supremacy is a virus.

No justice no peace.

Every democrat who claims to approve of bidens handling of crime in america is a rabid racist and bigot you have no humanity:

you don’t care about the Asians, Hispanics and white people being murdered by the black supremacists.

You don’t care that biden is planning to let thugs club grandma to death.

you don’t care about the drugs coming across the border that are killing our kids and creating the homelessness problem.

If you did care you would be honest and not play team D approval. You would say that you do not approve of bidens approach to crime or gun control or the border. But instead you play politics and make things worse. Democrats / liberals you are the problem .