Did You Know That Covid-19 Never Killed Anyone?

The Covid-19 Cytokine Storm
Image credit to U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command. Image modified from original.

We know the subject line is quite controversial but please take a moment to read this entire post so you can see where we are coming from on this. You see, we are treating the China Virus as if it’s some kind of fatal disease that’s killing thousands and thousands of people but there’s more to it than that.

The entire world is in panic mode over this, we can’t possibly go back to life the way it was or we will all get this thing and thousands more will die. This is the current mindset that is ruling the decision making of our elected leaders but it is a fear-mongering approach to a problem. The medical experts seem to be trying to treat patients for the virus when really there’s another cause of death that is just now being looked at.

You see, Covid-19 is not killing people, it has not caused a single death, what is actually causing the deaths is called a “Cytokine Storm”.

In short, a Cytokine Storm is the reason why Covid-19 turns deadly.

Dr. Noel says “It’s an uncontrolled release of signaling molecules that engage the immune system at ludicrous speed.” in his article from July 7th, 2020. He goes on to say, ” A number of different infections can trigger it. An infection is needed before the Storm can start, but the Storm is a different process. Once it’s underway, it drives the train.”

Covid-19 is simply the catalyst that essentially turns the body against itself. While the infection is needed to be a catalyst to the process, the Cytokine Storm is the actual killer. In treating Covid, there’s been an issue with trying to treat for a viral infection when what’s really needed is a treatment for the Cytokine Storm. When you eliminate the storm, the body’s own immune system can eliminate the virus from the system.

Dr. Noel goes on to say, “Multiple studies have shown that hydroxychloroquine works to reduce severity and duration of the infection complex (COVID + CS) if given in the earlier stages of the disease. We also know that HCQ has both antiviral and immune modulating effects. Which of its effects is important with COVID-19 is not entirely clear. But as we look further, studies have shown that dexamethasone, a common, inexpensive steroid, has beneficial effects, most likely by reducing CS. And new reports indicate that early administration of budesonide, an inhaled steroid that only gets to the lungs, can rapidly reverse the onset of CS.”

The common thread in these treatments is the anti-inflammatory outcome. So it seems that inflammation is the leading culprit to the onset of the CS. Anti-virals have not proven to be very effective in treating advanced Covid-19 cases.

Dr. Noel then says, “When we look at drugs with antiviral effects, the picture isn’t so clear. A search of PubMed reveals no strong candidates for therapy. Lay news reports have remdesivir reducing hospital stays, but detailed studies are still in the pipeline. In short, antivirals don’t seem to be all that useful in advanced COVID-19 cases. At the same time, viral load on admission does not seem to match outcome. But viral load does match inflammatory markers in critically ill patients.

Putting the viral load data together doesn’t tell us much. That suggests that antiviral therapy isn’t likely to be terribly helpful in the critically ill patient. And that seems to be what we’re seeing. The disease that kills people is CS, not COVID-19.”

That’s right, the killer disease is not killing people, the Cytokine Storm is!

Doctors are beginning to see that the treatment of the CS is lowering the mortality rate associated with Covid-19. This is a breakthrough for all of us. You see, a CS can be triggered by any infection and is the culprit when people die from things like the flu or common cold. They don’t die from the infection itself but rather from complications related to the CS. The infection was merely the trigger.

Dr. Eric Topol tweets, “Cytokine storm and a runaway immune, hyper-inflammatory response are frequently what leads to the demise of patients with #COVID19”

We need to be concerned with the Cytokine Storm not the Wuhan Flu. The CS also reveals why some people can get Covid and never show any symptoms and be over it in a few days. For most of the population, this is the case.

Here’s another video related to the CS: