Destroyed After He Calls Trump Supporters Terrorists…

Destroyed After He Calls Trump Supporters Terrorists...
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– Leah Barkoukis from Townhall reports, George W. Bush was blasted as a “national disgrace” for comparing “domestic extremists” to Islamic terrorists during his remarks on the 20th anniversary of Sept. 11.

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All I got to say is patriot act… he shouldn’t ever talk to anyone about being a traitor smh

Hes still mad at Trump for making his Low Energy brother Jeb look dumb during the debates.

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Lorraine E Blazich

oil mafia baron bush is worse than just merely being a RINO. He should take his billions and move to south America.

Ronald Dunne

South America? Why, when he could relocate to St Petersburg, Russia or Peking?

Ronald Dunne

Why move to South America when he could settle comfortably in St Petersburg Russia or Peking, China?

Steven Bloecher

Do we not think that blm and antifa are not terrorists? Something is very wrong when we refuse to see the world the way it is and make evil out of good.


Shame on him and the likes of Kasich and others as well!! So they didn’t “like” Trump personally, nor his style! Did they notice that – except for what our own FBI and Comey frame-up” aided and abetted by Schiff, there wasn’t ANY scandal during his four years? There was one great achievement “For the American People” after another, including Black Americans for the first time ever in an economic boom?! With all of that positive for the country, they not only couldn’t support him for a second term, Kasich and his bunch publically and actively worked against him!! A Past President, no more patriotic than to be co-operative with an obvious subterfuge of putting an old pol, never too bright at best, who turned out to be one of the most corrupt politicians ever and now in his dotage as president – and thus we don’t even know who is or are making the decisions at the very top!??? And by 9/11 Memorial the country had suffered one disaster after another as quickly as they could get Executive Orders written up for every left-wing dream ever and send the Old Man out to sign them, so Bush had to know what a dangerous thing had been wrought on our country in Election 2020 when he made that speech on 9/11! SHAME!!

Donace Dillon

I am glad he showed the world who he really is, to those who did not already know he was evil and a traitor – self-serving, like his father

Ronald Dunne

Ashamed that I supported both Bush presidents. I should have just sat out those elections…

Stacy Dougherty

Its bad enough that we have people like SOROS paying internal traitors/ anti-American people to do what Soros is best at doing DESTROYING COUNTRIES! Then to have a previous President “Bush Wacker” who got us into the Afghanistan war to begin with talking about 9/11 lecturing US on terrorist acts At the Hill is just like termites coming out of the wood boards in the Spring. What the hell does Bush live under a rock? We know who the terrorist are: the Democrats along with MSM and BLM plus Antifa and many more groups that use our liberties to “try” destroy US but they shall not prevail!


He’s a delusional democrat , what did you expect . They have no honor or integrity . He’s just pissed cause trump did what the delusional democrats couldn’t do . Little bush was a idiot , he lived off daddy’s name like hunter does with old Joe . Who else can party with hookers doing Crack and have the ss protecting them ??? . Try it and see how you make out , your not hunter hiding under daddy’s name . Won’t doubt little bush was on the sex island with the other delusional democrats raping little girls .