DeSantis UNLEASHES Hellfire After Biden’s Deadly Move in Florida

DeSantis UNLEASHES Hellfire After Biden’s Deadly Move in Florida
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The Next News Network – Cristina Laila from The Gateway Pundit reports, Governor Ron DeSantis on Thursday evening responded to Joe Biden’s decision to slash monoclonal antibody treatments sent to Florida. As previously reported, the Biden Regime this week gave Florida less than half of the lifesaving treatments it needed for a 7-day period.

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He is only cutting red states. Hey Biden God is watching your every move.

BIDEN IS A DISASTER Need President Trump back and DeSantis as VP

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Diana Kueker

Biden is the biggest disaster the Country has ever seen!!!!!


Well come on …. there was Carter, clinton, and obama! Well then there was Johnson, truman and fdr.

Geez there have been a lot of crappy democrat presidents!

Did you know that fdr and truman promised the soviets weapons during world War 2 then did not deliver. That started the cold war. Yup the democrats cuased the cold war.

Truman dropped tge a bomb when there was no reason to.

Johnson expanded the Vietnam War

Carter destoryed our economy just like Obama and biden.

The list of disasters the democrats have cuused is legiondary.

Last edited 1 month ago by Chillibilli

Even though there has been bad dummycrat presidents in the past, Senile sewage bag Biden takes the award as the worst.


Joe Biden hates the American people. Especially those that know the game he is playing. I hope Joe takes that 3rd booster shot, but we know that he’s exempted the NBA, Congress and congressional staff members, employees that work for the FDA, CDC, the US Postal Service, employees that work for Pfizer and Moderna, Even the White House staff is exempt, imagine that. Do you think that includes Joe and Kamala?


Makes you wonder what’s in it when the fda and cdc are exempt.

I truly dispise the democrats.

Can we please have a civil, wait, uncivil war now?


Ph#@k joe biden clap … clap … clap clap clap

All democrats, liberals, and progressives deserve to be rounded up and shot for both Obama and biden. You morons committed voter fraud both times to put these retards in office while at the same time lying about trump who did a great job in until Obama/ biden /fauci unleashed their covid virus on the country.

You liberals democrats progressives are evil sub humans.


I don’t blame you for despising the dummycrats. When I grew up in the 1960s I saw a very divided country but the division that’s now in place is far worse and both times the division was caused by the dummycrats. This must be what it was like in 1861 just before the Civil War began. I can see another one coming if the 2022 elections are also stolen, which I’m sure the dummycrats are already planning to do. It’s just a question as to whether or not they get away with it.

Stacy Dougherty

Just like the democrats do over a big “nothing burger” to waste our tax dollars and precious time to build a better America this cutting monoclonal antibodies especially to Red states needs an investigation! That will literally kill people which the Biden administration doesn’t seem to mind! That is so typical of a communistic mindset. Its ideology does not care about people/ humanity & if they die. I would say with the low-life Democrat’s we already are seeing this here in America! This is a Constitutional Crisis! The only way they can continuously push the Vaxx on an emergency level is only if there is proof Monoclonal or therapeutics are not working! But they do! All real Americans keep pushing back and keep fighting for OUR AMERICA!


All real Americans better be prepared for a shooting civil war because we are very close to that point.

Elisa Terry

That whole first sentence above could be about the ridiculous audit done in AZ by people who don’t know the first thing about audits, chosen by your guy, took millions in time and money and even they couldn’t figure out how to make it so trump could change the outcome of the election, the absurd lie. Now he’s scared the gov of Texas into an audit as well, despite the fact that he won that state. Now that is absurd. People who listen to everyone but the doctors as to what is the best way to get rid of covid. When they said doctor they meant MD, not veterinarian! Dying, sick, in the hospital – bottom line numbers, check them out – if you have the vaxx, you don’t die and don’t get very sick. Seriously, forget the news shows, find the real true numbers and decide for yourself. If you don’t have the vaxx, you go to the hospital and cry that you didn’t get vaxxed, apologize for not listening to the doctors and cry because you’re going to miss your 12 kids. ABSURDLY STUPID. But what I think (since you asked my opinion) is the line for why people should no longer bow at the feet of Trump is that HE IS SO MORALLY BEREFT THAT HE IS NOT ALLOWED TO SIT ON THE BOARD OF ANY CHARITY FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE. NO MORAL COMPASS – Is that the type of man, human, person one chooses to run a country? I wouldn’t trust him with my dog! I now understand that arguing logic and actual bottom line numbers with republicans gets me nowhere (or gets me insults, like snowflake, so hurtful?) but sometimes I feel I have to respond for the sake of sanity.

Harry Balls

Biden is an asshole.

Elisa Terry

Brilliant comment – can you elaborate Mr. Hairy Balls?