Democrats Want To Drop Joe Biden For This Candidate

Majority of the Democrats believe that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will have a better chance than Biden as the Democratic Presidential candidate, who will go against Trump in November.

If you’ve been following Biden and his campaigns, that shouldn’t really come as a surprise.

A national poll by Rasmussen Reports conducted on April 2 and 5 show that 46% of the likely voters from the Democrats still believe Biden would be the better presidential candidate this fall. However, almost just as many likely Democratic voters prefer Cuomo instead. 45% opt for Cuomo, even though he isn’t even in the race. 9% of the likely voters are undecided.

Those who favor Cuomo over Biden are the young people, self-identified liberals, women, and the Hispanic voters.

Among the voters aged 25 to 34 from any party, the preference for Cuomo was at 67%. Meanwhile, 57% of all women, and 58% of Hispanic voters preferred Cuomo.

Among the whites and the people with college or graduate school degrees, the preference was a near-even divide between Cuomo and Biden.

From all likely voters, 38% were in favor of Biden, 38% for Cuomo, and 24% were unsure.

Cuomo had denied wanting to run for president, but still, some Democrats are demanding an alternative for Biden. Biden had retreated to his basement during the coronavirus outbreak, while Cuomo was in the news, battling the coronavirus’ devastating effect on New York City.

Vice President of Communications at Club for Growth, Joe Kildea, said, “With every major news event, Democrats realize more and more how bad of a candidate Joe Biden is, and Democrats now preferring Cuomo is just another example.” The results of the poll highlights Biden’s weakness as a candidate.

An online poll was also conducted by WPAi, with a representative sample of 1,000 people. WPAi is one of the top polling firms used by the Republicans. The poll results show that 56% of the Democrats prefer Cuomo, while only 44% want to stick with Biden. A 12-point margin is no laughing matter.

The poll results also include the peoples’ approval and disapproval of how both Biden and Cuomo are handling the coronavirus outbreak. 53% have a favorable opinion of Cuomo, since he had been in the news, battling the coronavirus’ effect on New York. Only 33% of the respondents view him unfavorably.

Compared to Biden who received a 32% approval rate, 35% disapproval rate, and 34% with unsure votes, Cuomo received an approval rate of 54%, and only 20% of disapproval.