Democrats Scrape the Bottom of the Barrel on Climate Change…

Democrats Scrape the Bottom of the Barrel on Climate Change...
Image from video below...

The Next News Network – Joe Hoft from The GatewayPundit reports, Bill Nye the science guy, who holds a BS degree from Cornell University, was in front of Congress last week to talk about climate change. You just can’t make this up. The Democrats invited former children’s science TV show host Bill Nye to Congress to discuss climate change.

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The democrats are all from the bottom of the barrel.

No surprise what the dems would pull out of an imaginary hat. I have no respect for Bill. He knows nothing, but wanting attention.

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Gerald S Ladd

LMAO…the retard Gretta was there once also.


bill Nye should speak to congress about changing their shorts and diapers, then challenge Jerry Nadler to speak up about wearing Depends and encourage the rest of them to buy them…Most of them are old enough to where they are dealing with more than loose tongues.

Laura Wagner

Climate change is happening without question. However, reputable scientists (the ones who do not accept government money) say that only 0.05% of it is due to our (humankind’s) activity. Should we take care of our planet? Yes! Should we cut the throats of people’s jobs because of climate change? NO! Small incremental steps help. That is how we do things reasonably. There will never be just one big solution and the dems are not funding the small reasonable incremental steps because that might work to clean up the current mess, i.e. plastics in water, ground and air. No, they want the one big solution or at least say they do. (They don’t because that doesn’t exist and they know it.) How would they be able to cause fear then? They would have to come up with something new. (They have been screaming global warming/cooling since the 1920s) I do NOT believe them anymore because they are not credible..