Democrats have turned the country backwards to segregation

Democrats have turned the country backwards to segregation
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Fox News
– Dr. Carol Swain, former Princeton and Vanderbilt professor, joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss her thoughts on a Denver school that hosted a ‘families of color’ playground night.

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Trying to address perceived racism via the implementation of racism. BRILLIANT.

She’s a former professor, the sad thing is she is former. We need our entire school system filled with people exactly like her.


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The dummycrats have always been the party of segregation. They’re the ones who came up with the Jim Crow laws. Now it’s happening again but it won’t be limited to just the southern part of the country.


Another woke comment… there aren’t any BLM riots and town burnings in the South, wilddog. Ever think about that ? There were “White only” and “Colored only” public facilities in the North until the 1960s. Your public schools indoctrinated you well. But falsely.


Woke comment my ass! Where did the KKK originate? Where were the slaves working in the cotton fields? Who was president of which group of states when the Civil War took place? How many congressmen at one time belonged to the KKK? You would do well to study a little history because the so called Democrats who’re nothing but a bunch of Communists separating and destroying our country are pretty much doing the same things now that took place way back in the 1800s.


What the so called Democrats who’re nothing less than a bunch of Communists trying to overthrow our government and rule our country – and getting away with it is absolutely UNAMERICAN! With their BLM and CRT things they’re forcing many white people in this country to literally hate black people. EQUALITY, YES! What’s being done? NO! Let people of “color” take their chances the same as anyone else. There are good and bad on both sides but for the life of me I can’t think of anything good about those who are actually running our country. From the Oval Office on down.

Mark Evans

I’m not surprised. Black people have been mistreated so long and are taught to hate white people from an early age. Reverse racism is more prominent now than ever before. Most blacks hate white people and prefer to not be around us except for maybe having their boot on our neck. Death to the white devil. Reality check, Please.


Started with obummer!