Democrats Buying the Black Vote!

Democrats Buying the Black Vote!

A few months ago, The Breakfast Club featured an interview with Joe Biden, the Democratic Presidential Candidate. This was one of Biden’s most controversial interviews disdained by the Black Community.

Even after several months, many groups are discussing the points spoken by Biden during the interview. The talk reveals the riddled relationship between the Democrats and the Blacks. Often, these two groups are related to emotions of exploitation and neglect.

During the major segments of the program, Joe Biden can be noticed behaving rudely and arrogantly. Even when Biden chose to apologize, very few people considered it as genuine. The party strongly feels that Biden has lost a majority of the Black votes and is yet to earn them. The interview was perceived to have done more damage than any good.

The Allegiance!

A few decades ago, most of the Black votes were based on allegiance. The Democratic Party had no issues securing them. This is mainly because of the gratitude the Black people had for their right to make a vote, and a difference.

Blacks are known for treating their ability to vote as a sacred emotion. Unfortunately, Blacks have evolved and are deep into the system. Today, they no longer want to remain satisfied with the evil that is less harmful. Instead, they are keen on asking for rights that would make them just like every other voter group.

The aforementioned interview only fanned more fuel into the frustrations of the Black community.

As the interview came to a close, Charlemagne requested Joe Biden to appear for the November show but Biden’s cold reply was “You have got more questions?” He continued to quote that people who are having trouble choosing between Trump and himself, are definitely not Black anymore.

Unfortunately, the question raised by Charlemagne was never related to Trump in the first place. Instead, it was all about having to do something unique, and special for the community he belongs to.

Meanwhile, Biden had a very different opinion. He chose to divert the conversation and focus on his civil rights background. Also, he kept emphasizing his endorsement with NAACP. For most of his statements, social media erupted in many ways.

The Social Media’s Response

Social media has always kept a close watch on Joe Biden, just like every other candidate running for the presidency. The Democratic Party and Biden were strongly criticized after the interview.

The criticisms went as far as the “YouAintBlack” hashtag, which was posted on their websites. Most of these social media audiences were not alone. Instead, they were strongly supported by famous Black influencers like Sean Diddy Combs. Combs chose Twitter to remind Joe Biden that he will not secure the Black votes for free. Also, the NAACP President Derrick Johnson, who is known for supporting Biden had different comments this time.

The Death of George Floyd

The entire world was taken aback by the way George Floyd died. This was a moment when the Democratic Party was able to gain back the trust and confidence of voters from the Black community. Many claimed that Joe Biden had social justice and empathy in his response to the incident. However, there is serious doubt if this reaction is sufficient to gain the support of the Blacks.

Right from the beginning, with the dawn of Black Lives Matter, it was quite evident that young Blacks were not interested in voting. Especially, after Barack Obama’s term came to an end.

The focus groups

As a sign of dismay, eight groups with Black voters have demonstrated their alienation and frustration from the entire electoral process. Many of these participants claim that “laudable” improvements are not seen towards the Blacks. Even when the Blacks have chosen to support the Democrats for a long time, there has been no change! The moment this study reached social media, and the rest of the world – Blacks are pondering if they should trust in the existing system and cast their votes.

The mishaps!

On the other hand, Biden has had several mishaps with the Black community. This might not be new for the party, but he must secure the confidence of this group. He needs to address the gaps, built trust, and eventually prove to be different.