Democrats Break with Nancy Pelosi on $3 Trillion Coronavirus Bill

The House Democrats’ bill, passed late on Friday, orchestrated to “suppress” the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the health-care and economic system was likely to generate discussions with Donald Trump’s administration, who have been planning regarding 

the demand for business insurance amid the coronavirus

The HEROES or Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solution Act 

Over 1,800 pages, will further incentivize abled bodies to rely on the government not to work by dishing out:

$1,200 payments to individuals, increasing the maximum amount for a household with children by $6,000, as well as $600 weekly benefits, which were passed through July.

Pelosi stated that Democrats had “no redlines” in CBS’s “Face the Nation.” However, President Donald Trump stated that he would veto, along with the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell branding it “dead on arrival,” depicting that this move will further put the country in a deeper financial crisis for the government is not an endless fountain of money. 

Some Republicans have claimed that a new relief package should wait until the impacts of funding from previous bills are felt. Still, Pelosi acted with a quick retaliation to the Democrats by reasoning it’s to assist unemployed Americans. Since more than thirty-six million individuals – or more than 2 in 10 workers – in the U.S have been unemployed since the crisis began.

“Time is of the essence,” Pelosi stated. “In the past bills, they’ve put forth their proposal and then we worked in a bipartisan way. That’s what we all anticipate.”

The measure, branded the Heroes Act, would “reach” to all branches of the U.S. economy and includes almost $1 trillion for sinking local governments and states.

The summary of HEROES or Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solution, Act: 

  • A 2nd round of direct payments up to $6,000/household.
  • $1 trillion in relief for local governments and states.
  • $75 billion for contact tracing and testing.
  • $200 billion in hazard pay for workers.
  • $175 billion in utility assistance, mortgage, and rent.
  • Extension of $600/week unemployment insurance benefit.
  • Measures to purchase small businesses.
  • Money for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.
  • Relief for Postal Service.
  • Funds for election safety.

Democrats state that the growing COVID-19 infection rates and joblessness rate haven’t been this bad since the Great Depression during Trump’s administration. The bill, if put in an actuary table, will cost more than $3 trillion, which will supersede the $2 trillion cost of the late March stimulus package- as the most substantial emergency bill in U.S history. 

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Darlene Guidry

We will never vote by mail and trump shouldn’t allow it. It’s yet another way the Democrats wiill cheste to win. We all just Pray that Trump will do what God needs him to do that God’s prophecy was told between may 21st and June 1st which will get his win in November because Trump IS GOS’S CHOSEN ONE.



Darlene Guidry


Darlene Guidry

God’s chosen one

Michael Sarkies

That bill is dangerous garbage created by human trash. Trump needs to veto it straight away with no fanfare.


Please vote her out!! No mail in ballots, Please Dear God don’t let any demons touch President Trump!!! Go Trump!!!


Religious connotations aside, look at Pelosi’s district. Rampant homelessness, streets have become public sewers.
Is this what you want for the rest of the country?
Pelosi, in spite of having somehow earned millions while serving the public good (cough, cough) can’t even elevate the conditions in her own district.
Again, is this what you want for the entire country?
Vote this woman out of office.


Yes well said get her out she is evil




Amen please people vote that witch out


Get her on charges, that will send her to Gitmo.


Nasty Pelosi the Speaker of the House and current Leader of the “Democratic Party” is Pure
a Demon and a Vessel of hate. Every time I hear her name how the voter,s of her state California
comes up,at times I wish the Ground vault would break and drop that nation in the ocean at
a depth lower than Whales Shit.
“YET ” their are the view people in that Nation,That still have a mind of their own( I-Hope) and
wants to do right,in this and other Crisis facing our Nation,GOD Help them to use wisdom and
get “RID” OF HER A.S.A.P,by any means possible!
I take my own Opinion,s based on facts and not media Trash,results,Not hip/Politic,s/party !


Amen get her out


Ignore this evil woman and get the D-mn country back to work. Let her go home and sit by her freezers and eat ice cream til it comes out her ears.


No one puts this kind of money into perspective. 3 trillion dollars divides out to approximately a cost of $9,000 to every person in the country. A perspective on the whole federal dept would be if everyone on the planet gave the US federal government $3,000 it would not pay off that dept.

Forest J Huffman

She has become a multi millionaire off tax payer money and her son to. She is a senile old hag. Get her out.

Forest J Huffman

She wants to give illegal immigrants a check. No way. Give Americans 2000 each instead of 1200. She wants to undo everything trump has done like food stamps.


I absolutely agree with Nancy Pelosi and agree with the Bill. Of the people, By the People and For the people.


how sad she has you brain washed
What she wants is for the government to own you and tell you what you can and can’t do. Then the only ones who get paid will be government people like her and then the powers to be will continue to ruin what is left of the United States of America.I pray God is watching over our country


And how much of taxpayers’ money is to be given to illegals?