Democrat Councilman Says Hydroxychloroquine Saved His Life After Coronavirus Diagnosis

Democrat Councilman Says Hydroxychloroquine Saved His Life After Coronavirus Diagnosis
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A new patient attested to the effectiveness of antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

Paul Vallone, a New York City Councilman who represents the 19th council district, relayed to the New York Post that he recovered from COVID-19 through hydroxychloroquine as recommended by President Trump.

The New York Post reported that Vallone took the medication together with a standard Z-pack and recovered instantly.

Vallone recollected having had difficulty in breathing, his body was fragile, and he couldn’t get out of bed. He took hydroxychloroquine on the same day as prescribed by his doctor. He got up almost miraculously within a week of intake.

He attested that hydroxychloroquine worked for him.

Vallone tweeted on April 1st that he caught the deadly COVID-19, and was suffering mild, manageable symptoms. In reality, his condition was worse than how he described it due to Sarcoidosis.

According to WebMD, Sarcoidosis affects mostly the lungs and lymph glands as an inflammatory disease.

Vallone’s brother, Peter, a Queens civil court judge, praised the drug for its effectiveness after his brother’s recovery.

Peter Vallone took his gratitude to a Facebook post with his testimonials on hydroxychloroquine. He added that the said drug is already available in the market and is not as costly as when developing a new drug to fight COVID-19. He said the drug is being hidden by some to gain a large sum by introducing a new one, and that they are always after the big bucks.

The credit was given to President Trump in his recommendation of using hydroxychloroquine in battling out COVID-19. Councilman Vallone recognized Trump’s effort in uplifting patients like him desperate to recover fully.

Paul recalled having fear and panic, yet the President gave hope for possible treatment in the absence of a vaccine. According to him, the drug saved him, and his family “will always be grateful.”

However, it seems strange that only two newspapers, such as The New York Post and Washington Times, published this story.

Also, a COVID-19 survivor, Karen Whitsett (D), a Michigan state representative, said that she felt relief after less than two hours of taking hydroxychloroquine. She and her husband experienced the symptoms of COVID-19 at the time that the doctor prescribed the medicine.

The confirmation that she caught COVID-19 came after a few days. Whitsett also credited President Trump for considering this drug as an effective treatment.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media, along with the leftists such as Democrats, Dr. Fauci, and agencies like the CDC and the FDA continue to discount hydroxychloroquine’s effectiveness.

In its official site, FDA published that the safety and effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine for COVID-19 is yet unknown. The said drugs were studied in clinical trials and were authorized to use temporarily during the pandemic for treatment of COVID-19. The drugs were used to treat hospitalized patients when clinical trials are unavailable, or participation is impractical through an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

FDA further added that the medicines are from the Strategic National Stockpile, where critical medical supplies are stored. The medications in the repository are used during public health emergencies.

The publication serves as a reminder on the risk from hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine’s healthcare provider fact sheets as a requirement from the EUA.