Democrat Caught Runs the same Stack of Ballots 3 Times.

Democrat Caught Runs same Stack of Ballots 3 Times
Image From Twitter Video Below.

Fraudulent mother-daughter tandem in Atlanta not only stuck around to count ballots after kicking Republicans out of the polling station but also caught passing each other an object seemingly the size of a thumb drive in a suspicious manner.

The ballot counter mother-daughter team clearly exceeded committing fraud in a newly uncovered footage. We have previously seen them kicking out other people in the room due to a fake water main break hoax, only for them to continue counting the ballots unsupervised and without a witness.

Another evidence surfaced that Ruby Freeman sent the same stack of ballots through a tabulator three times! The footage was taken in the same polling station in State Farm Center. Clearly, this is illegal.

Even when the corrupt Republican politicians already gave the election to Joe Biden, the mother-daughter did more to steal the election for the Democrat challenger.