Defunding Police In Minneapolis Is Reversing

The Minneapolis City Council members were busy trying to figure out ways to resolve bringing down the entire police department in the city. Of course, a few members of the Council remained reconcilable. There were a handful of others who had pretty much dwindled their diction. In a nutshell, it is easy to conclude that the efforts to not defund the police has lost momentum.

Minneapolis was in mayhem after George Floyd’s murder. In three months, as many as nine council members swore to knock down the entire police department of the city. The decision to end the police department was a big blow. Although it was sudden, the city of Minneapolis was practically on fire. There was violence everywhere.

There were endless nights of riots, unrest, and anarchy. Vandalism was on a rise. People could be killed anywhere at any time. In short, the residents of Minneapolis were filled with fear for their safety. Stepping out of their homes was out of the question. The concerns that popped up was the failure of the police authorities to bring the state of anarchy to a halt.

The residents weren’t happy with the idea of taking down the police department. They felt left out, as the Minneapolis residents have the power of speech. Calling off an entire department is a big move. Leaving the residents alienated from the conversations and debates was not ideal.

Some of the council members did not choose to bend or revoke their statements. However, there were a few others who did soften their tone. Lisa Bender, President of the City Council, made a statement. She clearly spoke that making a statement is easy. Switching to the real groundwork and changing policies is the challenging task and much more complicated.

Lisa went on to say that in the upcoming weeks, the council will work hand-in-hand with city staffers to come up with a much more effective and robust plan to deal with the situation. This time though, the residents will have an active role to play. Each resident in Minneapolis will be asked for feedback and their opinion on matters concerning the much-needed change in Minneapolis.

“Minneapolis needs to witness a few major changes,” commented Lisa Bender.

Quite a good number of people were of the idea that the council may have misused the opportunity. Calling shots to take down the police department and taking drastic measures without including the residents or a few important people is a dubious step. These people could have vetoed the idea of abrupt acts of reformation and taken other routes instead.

Michelle Gross, an active member of one of the communities that have unified against the brutality of the police department, made a powerful statement. She spoke about the council and commented that the council passed over a real shot to make some progressive changes in Minneapolis. It appears as though the idea to call off the police department is a horrific idea. Getting rid of police authorities is scary. However, at least the City Council did not shy away from showcasing how feeble the department really is.

The series of catastrophic events following the death of George Floyd were too much to witness. The council members dealt with umpteen messages from the constituents of the city, demanding immediate action to be taken in warding out the police department. On the other hand, there were many others who were struggling, as the 911 calls were not answered at all.

Black Visions Collective, an organized community that popped up in Minneapolis, took to social media and made innumerable campaigns. The community demanded that funds allotted towards police officials must be cut. That’s not all. They further expressed their opinion on how the authorities should take a pledge and commit that these funds will never increase in the future.

Alondra Cano, a Council member, was one of the first few that the community reached out to. She spoke that it is imperative to take a bold decision. That certainly didn’t see the light of the day.

A few members of the Council debated whether taking a vow is appropriate or not. Just a day before the event at Powderhorn Park, the Black Visions chose to protest and march down the streets of Minneapolis. They pulled out all stops right at the doorsteps of Mayor Jacob Frey. The Mayor was questioned whether he would tear down the police department or not. The Mayor was pretty clear and made a bold answer, which was a big “No.” There was backlash right after, the people clamoring, “Shame,” on loop.

Council members Linea Palmisano, Kevin Reich, and Lisa Goodman ruled out from being a part of any pledge. However, Vice President Andrea Jenkins and nine other council members showed up on the stage and declared that the process of putting a stop to the Minneapolis Police Department kick-starts. A new transformative reformation model will be chalked out soon, although it is still not clear how a police-free future will be.

As of now, the council members are pairing up with the city’s staff to come up with an effective plan. It is pressing to start some sort of community engagement measures. The policymakers will keep no one out of the loop. However, it is imperative to build some confidence in the community first.