Debunking The “Post Office” Hoax

Debunking The
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On a day-to-day basis, Twitter seems to display extreme bias against outright election meddling and the conservatives. The far-left, activist-run social network is said to regularly fact check the president’s tweets. They are also said to shadow ban and censor most of his supporters, but it seems that they don’t bother to do so with other liberals, or his leading political rival, Joe Biden.

This is despite the fact that the latter posts misleading and false information or some unfounded conspiracy theories. It also seems to exclude Democratic lawmakers, blue left-wing ‘journalists’, and popular pop stars like Taylor Swift. Recently, there was an erroneous tweet from Swift to her millions of followers. This was, however, not followed by any corrections or penalties.

She tweeted that Trump’s manipulative dismantling of the USPS efforts clearly show that he is aware of the fact that the people do not want him to be the president for the second time. Moreover, he prefers to cheat blatantly and put American lives in grave danger just to hold on to his power. She also iterated that Donald Trump is an ineffective leader and the crisis in the country has only worsened further. He is only taking advantage of the situation and destroying Americans’ voting rights as well as their rights to vote safely. Swift called for an early ballot and early vote for the Americans to decide who will be President.

Her tweets are undoubtedly misleading but still are in vogue. The Twitter Gods seem to have turned a blind eye, even though she made unsubstantiated claims. We are aware that President Trump is doing his best to preserve our elections’ integrity. He is requesting Americans to vote at their local polling stations, which is considered to be a tradition that has been practiced for a long time, and it has helped the country. This is against the state-wide mail-in ballots that have the potential of being full of abuse and fraud.

The President, contrary to the claims made by the Democrats, is not “dismantling” the USPS. For a few years now, the US Postal Service has been losing billions. The cause cited is due to a 33% dramatic drop in mail volume from 2006. Hence, mailboxes are getting out of commission gradually.

Why keep them in the first place, if they are no longer used!

As opposed to what was stated by the liberals and Swift, it is not connected to election fraud. The American Catalog Mailers’ Association President, Hamilton Davison, stated that the machines have already been taken out of service for some time now. He has only been encouraging this to be carried out aggressively. He stated this to the popular Wall Street Journal. He further added that the decision to take out the machines is for the nation’s good. This is because no one should have to pay for something they will not use.

Thousands of mailboxes went out of service during the Obama administration, yet neither Joe Biden nor his ex-boss were accused of voter suppression. Despite this fact, the Democratic Presidential candidate seems to have come up with a conspiracy theory behind it. Biden had recently tweeted that they are using tractor-trailers to pick up the mailboxes, which according to him, is bizarre!

As per reports from The Wall Street Journal, the USPS claims to have over 142,000 boxes all over the country. This is now being adjusted according to costs and volume. The Inspector-General of the USPS in August 2016 had stated that the number of collection boxes has declined in the last 5 years by over 12,000.

He also stated that it was Barack Obama and Joe Biden who were occupants of the Oval Office 5 years ago. Although deceptive propaganda is being encouraged by Biden and the liberals, Twitter seems to have failed to fact-check their tweets.

In a statement, the Florida congressman stated that technology companies should not try to reshape or scale-up speech in the country. Conservatives face mistreatment and bias perhaps due to glitches occurring in the algorithm, but there do exist “blacklists.” Big tech employees can exercise their bias individually on major platforms.

They can also manually edit what they want their users to view. He stated that it is our people who should power our country’s democracy, not some Silicon Valley-based monopolies.