Damning Footage of Man Following Rittenhouse Jury Bus Released…

Damning Footage of Man Following Rittenhouse Jury Bus Released...
Image From Video Below...

BonginoReport – “I was just doing what they told me to do” “Your offices told you to follow it?” “How did you know to follow the vehicle?” Then on the phone, notice how NBC’s Irene Byonm mentions jury members unprompted.

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If suspect was successful, these jurors names and addresses would have been spread all over NBC news the next day.

She was like, um, so slow to like, um, come up with a lie. 🙄🙄

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WHY did you obscure the face of the NBC employee who was (illegally) following the Rittenhouse jurors’ bus? You KNOW he was attempting to identify them, to find out where they lived and what they drove, so that his bosses at NBC could “Dox” them and you know NBC had every intention of “Doxing” them, yet you chose to protect this guy’s identity? Not only should his face NOT have been obscured, it should have been blown up, published, with his name and address appended to it. It should have been accompanied by a description of and pictures of his vehicles, his home, and everything else connected with him, including his family. If we do not start fighting fire with fire, we will lose – and this guy ans all his boses at NBC should get exactly the treatment they proposed to give the jurors.

Joe Smuckatelli

Why hide his face? Is he BLM, ANTIFA, KKK, Proud Boys, FBI, let’s see this guy