Damning Emails: Exposing the Fraud of Dr. Fauci…

Damning Emails: Exposing the Fraud of Dr. Fauci...
Image from video below...

Newsmax TV – FAUCI EXPOSED: Thousands of emails available and thousands of questions for the leading medical ‘expert’ – Eric Bolling examines

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That fake doctor and the rest of these politicians should be in prison.

Dr fraud, is being exposed, arrest him and put him in jail, his not to be trusted, disgraceful, 👎😣

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When are the Half Baked Morons in this country gonna realize that FAUCI is all about the Money! The money BIG Pharma and the government are paying him to do their Bidding!

All of the SO CALLED Covid Deaths are because of the corona virus???? Horse Pucky! Most of the people who died from the SO CALLED Virus were in extremely poor health and had many other factors that caused their deaths! Heart Disease, Cancer, just to name a few.

Fauci and others are in it for the money!

They are the true definition of Government Criminals!

remy mak

You are really pathetic…


Nothing is going to happen to fauci just like nothing happened to hrc. Every law department are nothing but “yes sir” to the democrat party. What those in power want, all others do.