Cuomo Suspends Restrictions so He Can Attend a Playoff Game?

Image credit to Wikimedia Commons.

In one way or another, Democrat governors have exploited the coronavirus fearmongering to amass people’s collective panic. Yet, when their interests aren’t served, the hypocrites manipulate their own policies.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo again defied his rules when he permitted the NFL’s Buffalo Bills to allow some fans to attend the team’s home playoff game.

Known as a Bills fan, Cuomo lifted the attendance ban at the stadium in Orchard Park for 6,772 attendees at the first-round game projected on January 9 or 10. 

The catch? Cuomo plans to be there. 

The governor’s restrictions in the past nine months have been among the harshest in the country. Cuomo became one of the most celebrated figures in the liberal media despite his state recording the highest death rate, largely due to COVID-19 victims sent to the nursing homes. 

“We’re all feeling the excitement,” crowed the governors in a Wednesday press briefing just after the Bills steamrolled their longtime tormentors, New England Patriots, 38-9 on Monday Night Football.  

According to CBS News, preceding the shocking news that Buffalo Bills secured a home playoff game, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo tossed another stunner. Cuomo announced on Wednesday that thousands of Bills fans are allowed to attend the game in person next month – and he will be joining them.

Cuomo said the event would be a pilot program for live events resumption during the year-long pandemic. The event would require all attendees to test negative for the coronavirus before entering the stadium. The Bill’s home playoff game would also be a first for 25 years.

Roughly 6,200 fans are planned to be permitted at the stadium, which seats 72,000. Another 500 tickets would be set aside for the team sponsors and family members. 

Apart from wearing masks and social distancing, the attendees would pay an extra $63 fee for the COVID-19 test.

Trust the governor to know his political game too. He could’ve easily just arranged to attend to the playoff with his entourage in an executive suite but was politically savvy enough to avoid the same fate of his California counterpart, Gavin Newsom, who partied at a prestigious restaurant earning him an outrage.

Newsom’s dining and drinking at the swanky French Laundry when he imposed lockdowns on peasants terribly backfired, which still echoes to this day.

Cuomo was smart enough to include some fans as attendees and provide the illusion that he’s rather rational.

You have to give it to the guy. But no, we’re not buying it.