Cuomo Claims His COVID Response Was ‘Beautiful’

Cuomo Claims His COVID Response Was 'Beautiful'
Image Screenshot From USA TODAY YouTube Video Below.

Democratic governor-led downstate of New York was known as the COVID-19 hotspot in the world, yet Democrats thought it was an excellent idea to let its governor deliver a speech at their Convention night.

Governor Cuomo defined a different world, rather a utopian world, in that speech by lauding his efficiency to defeat the coronavirus in New York. He said New Yorkers were ground zero for the coronavirus, and has reached the level of one of the lowest rates of coronavirus cases from one of the highest in the world.

Cuomo’s credibility turned that impossible task to possible, and now New York is on the other side of the picture.

Being a part of the leftist-Democratic party, Cuomo gave his best to blame President Trump while also tried to defend China by stating that the Northeast part of the nation got infected by the European virus. At the same time, the White House fixated and blamed China for this.

European virus? There’s must be something wrong with Cuomo.

According to Cuomo, the virus had been attacking the Americans before anyone even knew it was existing here. He sounded like he was blaming Trump for spreading the virus by not acknowledging that China was the first country to admit the virus’s existence. He also accused President Trump of denying the presence of the virus, ignoring and trying to sway politics.

Such a duality.

Above all, the governor accuses Trump of mixing politics over the virus when it was him who praised Trump’s response to the pandemic earlier this year.

In April, Cuomo said that the federal government had shown phenomenal accomplishments in working with the states to fight COVID-19. America was able to flatten the curve with the support of the government.

Now, Cuomo backtracks his statement.

After politicking and seeing New York suffer from a complete disaster under his ill-management, Cuomo had no other option but to blame President Trump to sustain his image in the Democratic party. As expected, in the DNC speech, he tried to shrug off his own failures to the pandemic. Instead, he kept blaming the president.

According to Cuomo, the federal government did nothing for New York and watched them suffer, yet still, they haven’t learned anything from it.

It’s the same speech where he slammed President Trump for responding in the pandemic in his state and praised himself for doing the best thing for the New Yorkers.

Moreover, according to him, his strategy worked, and it was beautiful.

The investigation conducted by The Wall Street Journal shows an entirely different fact. According to their report, Cuomo and New York’s Mayor Del Blasio’s response to the coronavirus had false warning signs and policies that many health experts say have put residents at higher risk and caused many unnecessary deaths.

According to the Wall Street Journal report, the seven significant missteps are improper patient transfers; inadequate isolation protocols; insufficient staff planning; mixed messages between state, city government, and hospital officials; over-reliance on government sources for critical equipment; procurement-planning gaps; and incomplete staff-protection policies.

The truth is that New York accounts for almost 30% of the total COVID-19 related deaths in America.

On the other hand, states such as Ohio and California acted quickly to limit the spread of the virus.