CRT Supporter Makes This Jaw-Dropping Threat at School Board Meeting…

CRT Supporter Makes This Jaw-Dropping Threat at School Board Meeting...
Image From Video Below...

NextNewsNetwork – Mairead Elordi from The Daily Wire reports, A Texas man appeared to threaten opponents of Critical Race Theory (CRT) at a school board meeting this week, warning other parents that he had “over 1,000 soldiers” and was “locked and loaded.”

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where’s the fbi on that threat? or, was that the fbi?

Where are police to escort him out in cuffs and cart his racist black ass to jail?Asking for my bird.

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Making a threat like that in Texas? There’s more REAL Texans out there locked and loaded than his tiny little 1000 soldier army, most of which only exist in his stupid head.


Lets look at what is happening.

white parents go to school board meetings and complain and the fbi starts tracking them.

A black man goes to a school board meeting and threatens everyone and the FBI does what? oh nothing.

Do the police, school board, or anyone else call it s hate crime? No.
Do that call the anti white hate spewed in schools a hate hate? No.

Somehow they think we should believe the hate crime numbers they announce every once in a while.

there is not such think as white privilege
there is black privilege

this black man threatens everyone at the school, a black man drive through a parade, black lives matter threaten NYC

Yet the FBI and Homeland security say it is white supremacists that are the terrorist threat.

So there is the truth. everyone in government knows they are on the edge of completely pissing off every single conservative in america. they are not sure what the flash point would be to have us all pick up guns and start killing them. They know there is one and they know they are close. so they threaten the white people to try to push the flash point farther out.

that is what is going on.

Phuc joe Biden
Phuc the FBI
Phuc the DHS
Phuc the CIA
Phuc the democrats


Apparently, this fool doesn’t realize that we have been locked and loaded and waiting for the day when they start their revolution so we can respond.