Cowboys Cut the Player that Kneels for the Anthem

Cowboys Cut the Player that Kneels for the Anthem
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On Wednesday night, the Dallas Cowboys released defensive tackle Dontari Poe. At first glance, the move doesn’t seem out of place, especially with reports that Poe was playing overweight.

However, some people are still wondering if Poe’s release had anything to do with the fact that he was the only player who kneeled during the national anthem this season.

According to Black and White Sports, the Cowboys’ defensive lineup might be one of the worst in NFL history. Dontari Poe signed a $9 million contract with the Cowboys for two years, and his plays haven’t been good enough to back it up.

He’s been playing on around 53% of the games, and he’s done 253 snaps in those. In all his games, he only has a total of 7 tackles and 0 sets. That doesn’t seem like a $9 million player’s stats, now does it?

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen asked owner Jerry Jones about the decision to cut Poe and if the decision to cut him loose had anything to do with Poe kneeling during the national anthem.

“When you’re 30 pounds overweight, and you’re not doing anything about what’s keeping you from performing well on the field, there is no reason to get into the other stuff. …

“I understand your question, and I’m deliberately not going to answer it,” Jones replied. “We have a platform here, but the platform on the football field has a high standard, and [Poe] was not up to the standard. He needed to correct that, and he did not. I’m going to leave it at that.”

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Of course, Jones mentioned Poe’s weight and performance repeatedly, but why did he choose to deliberately not answer the questions about Poe’s kneeling?

According to Black and White Sports, Jones had told the Cowboys before the season, “You will stand for the national anthem. You will have your tone in line, you will stand for the national anthem, and you will respect the country.”

Since Poe’s performance so far was not up to par and he was the only player to kneel for the national anthem, it seems Jones was left with no choice but to cut him loose.

If Poe were performing well, kneeling for the anthem might have just been swept under the rug. Sadly, his performance was far from satisfactory.