Coward: Pelosi Kneels Before Ilhan Omar…

Coward: Pelosi Kneels Before Ilhan Omar...
Image from video below...

The Next News Network – Chris Donaldson from Trending Politics reports, The writing has been on the wall for years, and now the Democrat party is an open haven for anti-Semites as Rep. Ilhan Omar has received yet another pass for her repulsive Twitter activity.

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Dear God, please watch over the Audits, let the truth come out, and justice prevail, in Jesus’ name amen!

If Nancy accepts Omar’s anti jewish statements, then Catholic Nancy is antisemitic also. Get rid of these hateful people.

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Mafioso Nancy is scared to death of the rag-head Muslim-effer. Nancy is old and dried up and needs to go. We bullying is no longer effective especially against the anti-Semitic mob.


She’s as much Catholic as senile baby killer biden.


Omar is a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION SYMPATHIZER from Somalia. And the Demo Demons of the Deplorable Democratic Socialist Party have and will give her a pass every time. She and the Stooge Squad Sisters own Pollack aka Pelosi and the rest of Deplorable Demo Demons.