COVID Infections Go Up in Top Vaccinated Country?


Axios recently ran an article about Pfizer’s vaccine, featuring the headline, “Israel’s COVID crisis deepens even as the vaccination rate climbs.”

According to the data collected about Pfizer’s rushed vaccine, the two countries with the highest “vaccination” rates are Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

More than half of Israel have already received their first shot, with 21% of that half over 16, and 70% of those were in the highest-priority group and had already received their second and final shots.

Meanwhile, in the United Arab Emirates, not even 30% have received their first shot. According to RedState, no percentage of UAE residents who have gotten both shots could be found.

Yet somehow, despite having more than 1 million UAE residents their first shots, there has been a steep rise in infections in the UAE. And the thing is, it began exactly when they started giving the COVID-19 “vaccine” to their residents.

According to former NYT reporter Alex Berenson, though Israel didn’t see such a dramatic increase in their cases as the UAE experienced, the high percentage of residents who have received their shots in Israel seems not to have made a difference slowing down the virus’ spread.

Instead, it seems that the opposite of what they intended has happened — the Israelis are suffering more severe cases of COVID-19, and they see more fatalities than before.

According to the New York Times, it turns out that “Israel made a deal with Pfizer in which the drug company ensured the country an early and steady supply of vaccines in exchange for data.”

Berenson also noted that the data released so far suggests that Pfizer’s experimental “vaccine” is more effective than Israel’s all-time-high, more severe cases and death rates would suggest.

To make matters worse, a scientist at a biotechnology company has written that the “vaccines” may increase the risk of miscarriage in pregnant women as it stimulates “interferon production.”

Berenson proceeded to call out our media, saying that some women could have been saved from the pain of losing a child had they passed on the World Health Organization’s advice that pregnant women refrain from getting the “vaccines.”

After all, the World Health Organization gave the advice that pregnant women avoid the COVID-19 “vaccines,” despite their claim that “pregnancy puts women at a higher risk of severe COVID-19.”

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