Courts Leaving Americans No Choice but to Take to the Streets

Courts Leaving Americans No Choice but to Take to the Streets
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Federal courts, including the Supreme Court, faced backlash after kicking every election-related case before and after the general elections on November 3, including one case filed by Rep. Louie Gohmert last week. 

Gohmert’s lawsuit challenged the Electoral Count Act of 1887, specifying how tallied the electoral ballots.

The suit stated that the law is unconstitutional since the 12th Amendment laid out the procedure. It didn’t specifically state that the Senate president – who is the current vice president – has to choose definite elector sets when there are competing sets, as there are in the current election. 

The lawsuit essentially re-empowers Mike Pence as the vice president to select sets of electors he deems fit when there are contested elections, along with the slates of electors. 

However, a US district court – and a Trump appointee – threw out the Texas Republican’s suit. Gohmert and his legal team then appealed to a higher court despite a lower chance of winning. The higher courts are known to toss suits because most staff do not know the Constitution.

If the suit remains hopeless, it will take all 74 million Trump supporters and voters to the streets. 

“Concerning the standing issue, if a Member of Congress who is going to object to electors that were fraudulently sent there, and the state has sent two sets, and I don’t have the standing to go to court,” told Gohmert to Newsmax TV. 

“If I don’t have the standing to do that, nobody does. And if the appropriate defendant is not the Vice President, that under the Constitution has the power to make that determination, then there is none,” he added.

Gohmert, a former state judge, insisted that courts are the last place where Americans receive justice. And if the avenue is closed to the people, Americans would resort to violence as the remaining choice.

“The bottom line is, the court is saying we’re not going to touch this. You have no remedy. Basically, in fact, the ruling would be that you’ve got to go to the street and be as violent as Antifa and BLM,” continued Gohmert.

Quick question: Why do all federal judges, including the Supreme Court justices, seemingly feel it’s okay to offend President Trump’s voters?

Do they actually think the president’s supporters wouldn’t resort to Antifa-like riots and violence?

 Don’t push their limits.