Could it Be? Obama is Cancelled by the Left?

Could it Be? Obama is Cancelled by the Left?

On March 30th, Waukegan, Illinois’ Board of Education met to discuss what Thomas Jefferson Middle School and Daniel Webster Middle School should be renamed to.

The majority of the residents want both schools to be renamed as one is named after a historical man who owned slaves, while the other supported slavery.

A more popular option to rename the school was Barack and Michelle Obama Middle School. However, the community disagreed.

School board member Edgar Castellanos even said, “I will not be part of renaming a school after someone who did not and does not represent the undocumented community.”

In an effort to not have the middle school renamed after the former President and First Lady, activists protested outside of the board’s meeting.

“From the time Barack Obama became President until 2017 when he left, he today is still the highest-ranking president with deportations in our nation,” the head of a local immigration organization said. “We feel that Barack Obama did a disservice to us. He denied us, and he didn’t stop the deportations, the way he promised.”

“If you’re removing the name of Thomas Jefferson, one oppressor, the name of Obama is another oppressor, and our families do not want to see that name,” she added.

All throughout the protest, they reminded everyone of the former President’s record on deportations.

“I want to urge the school board to drop the names of Barack and Michelle Obama from consideration,” said Oscar Arias, a Waukegan native and graduate of the district’s schools. “Barack Obama’s presidency was filled with hostility against the immigrant community.”

Illinois is supposedly a Democratic stronghold, but residents are now speaking up against Obama, calling him the “deporter-in-chief.” You just know things have gone bad when the left cancels a former Democratic president.

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It is about time that someone has called out Obama for what he was and really is. He is an elitist who only hangs with the WHITE in crowd and then tell everyone else a different story.

ahem tonto

The Manchurian Candidate, liar in chief, Kenyan born non U,S.citizen, Marxist Socialist anti-American wannabe white man, hypocrite



Terri Hughes

Obama stirred up racism. He is a low-life, backstabbing swamp rat. And a TRAITOR. And Michelle isn’t any better. They both need to go far, far away and take the rest of the democrats and rinos with them. You are NOT president anymore, so keep your big mouth shut. You and Biden wasted eight long years in the white house and did NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stacy Dougherty

I canceled Obama as soon as he walked on stage and told U.S. we were no longer a CHRISTIAN NATION!

William Simpson



Say it’s not so … please …. we need Obama giving biden info . With out Obama we won’t get this good laugh at biden from doing the stupid crap Obama tells him to do . Obama is the best laugh on biden yet . My mornings won’t be the same . a good cup of coffee and the paper on what Obama had bidens dumb ass do this week is to much to lose . Please have them keep Obama on board . We need the good laugh . Iam betting it’s obamas revenge for bidens son laying up with his daughter while doing coke and Crack .

William Simpson