Coronavirus Response Is Being Driven By Politics

Coronavirus response is being driven by politics
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The ongoing pandemic crisis of COVID-19 has changed the scenario of the whole for worse. However, in the United States, the circumstances are most critical. It makes us all wonder: is it really because of the spreading pandemic, or the upcoming Presidential election has a part to play as well?

The beginning of everything

The root of chaos in the US can be tracked all the way back to March when New York reported its first COVID-19 positive case. The Americans, heavily influenced by the media, were openly ridiculing Trump’s cautionary measures for a disease that didn’t seem too serious.

However, the colleges and universities started to shut down in the following week, sending thousands of students back home. The shutdown of educational institutions was the first major change in the lifestyles of the Americans. 

Sports followed soon after. Significant sports events such as the National Hockey League and Major League Baseball were canceled. Many sports enthusiasts were deeply disappointed with the immediate turn of events.

Malls and theatres were closed thereafter. Amidst all the restlessness with the changing lifestyles, about 40 percent (40%) of the country’s population was still convinced that this was necessary.

As the shutdowns assumed a full-fledged force, schools, churches, community centers, gyms, bars, and clubs were all closed indefinitely. The CDC suggested the cancellation of all events that required a gathering larger than 50 people. Home quarantine was highly encouraged.

With the surge of the shutdowns, countless people lost their jobs as companies and factories went out of business. It was seen as a necessity for public health. People believed that by staying indoors, they were saving lives. 

The political nature of the shutdown

The Americans couldn’t be kept in the dark for long. It was only a matter of time until things became clearer. The global studies declared that staying outside was safer than staying in, and the shutdowns weren’t essential.

It took the people no time to realize that they were being lied to. The US Government, on the other hand, was oblivious to it. Shelter-in-place orders continued, banning citizens from even visiting their own weekend homes. 

In just about a month, the percentage of Americans believing that they were heading in the right direction fell from 40 to 22. But even that wasn’t enough for the supporters of Biden.

Then began the series of brutal riots. Police stations were burned down, stores were looted, and innocents were beaten up mercilessly in broad daylight. Terrified citizens watched it all unfold helplessly. The mounting stress and fear, in addition to their home confinement, led many people to depression and anxiety.

More than three-quarters of the Americans are extremely unhappy with the state of things and believe that the country has become a much worse place to live in. 

The Democrats benefiting from the widespread chaos

What motivates the citizens to look for a change? Dissatisfaction with the current state of things. 

The unfortunate degradation of the country’s circumstances in the months preceding the Presidential election seems to work surprisingly well in favor of the Democrats.

The Democratic Party of the US, with Joe Biden as its Presidential nominee, stands to be the only group benefitting from everything that’s going wrong. The more people suffer under Trump’s administration, the more they’ll want a changed government; in this case, the Democratic Party. 

The consequences for the Republicans

The consequences of the building’s mass dissatisfaction of the citizens of the country are dire for the Republicans.

Early voting is scheduled to begin in about a month. Looking at the current picture of the country, it is apparent that the upcoming elections will certainly not be easy on the Republican Party, who is currently ruling the country.

Trump might lose his Presidential position, and that’s not the only tragedy. The seats of the Republicans in the Senate are not safe anymore either. The polls indicate that the Republicans might lose the Senate seats in Montana and Iowa, which is just the beginning.

If the Democrats take ahold of both the Senate and the White House, there’s no saying where the country will end up in the coming year.

Whatever the upcoming elections might have in store for us, there’s no denying that the politicians have manipulated the COVID-19 response to its benefit efficiently.