Coca Cola Tells Their Employees To Try And Be “Less White”!

Coca Cola Tells Their Employees To Try And Be

Anthony Brian Logan – Leaked training materials from a Coca-Cola insider reveal slides of a lesson that focus on the topic of “becoming less white”. The materials are also publicly available on LinkedIn learning under “Confronting Racism” with Robin DiAngelo

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Let’s help them be less white… not buying their products.

Tell Coca-Cola not to be racist by not buying their products.

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Will never buy ANY coke products ANY MORE and will advise anyone I know to do the same.


Should we wear blackface to show that we are less white ?


I’ll do my part and stop buying coke products. I already stopped buying pepsi products years ago and I prefer to stop drinking soda pop. There’s more healthy products out there.


Hope these training sessions are put on by white instructor since they know how it is to be white more so than any other nationality. How can any nationality teach being another nationality that they are not? I’ve read that you can use Coca-Cola to clean your toilet bowl. It seems like that’s just about where coke belongs.