Coca-Cola Just Hit with Huge Reality Check…

Coca-Cola Just Hit with Huge Reality Check...
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The Next News Network – Rusty Weiss from The Political Insider reports, Coca-Cola (Coke) machines will be removed from government buildings in Surry County, North Carolina after the company criticized Georgia’s state voting law.

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Yes, hit them where it hurts. If the military won’t get them the people will get them in the pocket book!!!

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Gregory Duda


Gregory Duda

Coca Cola products have been loaded with ingredients known to be unhealthy one if the worse being Hugh Fructose Corn Syrup it should not be allowed in anything it is metabolized thru the liver and not the gut as with cane or beet sugar it causes fat buildup Diabetes Aterial and whole body inflammation now this goes for most beverage makers this us why the government should not be trusted when they talk about your health they allow literal poisons in our food supply knowing full well of the outcomes,sick people keep the Health Care (Industry)as well as big Pharma who control most medical schools your health is your business not the government there are many countries in the planet that ban many ingredients that are present in what we eat.DUDA

Stacy Dougherty

What ever is in coke I loved it! It definitely was addicting However, I did stop drinking it and I’m sure it will be a good thing in more ways than one!

Matthew C Hurt



THIS is the ONLY way to strike back at these “woke” corporations. I’m not sure what economic benefit companies like Coke expect to get from endorsing “progressive” notions, but if nobody publicly challenges them and, more importantly, hits them on the bottom line, they will keep pushing this nonsense. So it is critical, EVERY TIME you read or hear about some company going “woke” that you react – loudly and publicly and in a manner best suited to hurt their profit margin (if not actually drive them out of business). So, when Coke pulled this crap, the first thing I did was to e-mail them and tell them that I was now a Pepsi/RC/Store Brand drinker and it would be a cold day in H**l before I ever bought a Coca Cola product again. 100,000 such letters just might get someone’s attention. A million surely will and yet that’s only a third of a percent of their domestic market. Send the letter. Next, gripe everywhere Coke is offered. Some restaurants serve Pepsi products. Some sell Coke products. If your favorite restaurant is one of the latter then complain. Send letters to them, too, demanding, as the price of your business, that they discontinue serving Coke products. If even a handful of Coke of these places cancel their contracts, you can bet that Coke will hear about it from their local bottlers and distributors. And pressure YOUR local government unit to drop Coke, too. I’ll be happy when Gillette is driven from business and I will be happy to send Coke down that same path, then let the other companies contemplate the consequences of pandering to these mouth breathers on the Left..


The reason for mentioning Gillette, above, is because it was Gillette which devoted an extended and extensive advertising campaign pushing an anti-male/anti-white agenda, their “Be All That You Should Be” campaign. It was the most offensive attack on traditional values I’ve ever seen and people reacted. Reportedly, it cost Gillette $8 Billion. I hope that was an underestimation. So long as Gillette remains on any store shelf, I will continue to complain until the company dies. If Gillette folds because of this type of activism, it will have a salutary effect on the rest of these morons in the boardrooms. Make ’em pay. Make ’em hurt. Drive ’em out of business and send a message.


I quit buying coke also as a way to fight back and I’m glad others are doing it also.


Coke makes many more products try to eliminate them also. I keep a list to make sure I don’t buy any of them. Your health will love it.

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old man

I quit buying coke when this first started. Even tho Coke was my drink of choice I will not purchase it again. Perhaps, this will go the way “New Coke” went.

Pat Murphy

Coke has always been my favorite. Now I ask if Pepsi is served. If the answer is Coke, I get water. “F” Coca Cola no more.