CNN: The ‘Right to Travel’ is Not a Constitutional Right…

CNN: The 'Right to Travel' is Not a Constitutional Right...
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The News Junkie’s Archives – CNN’s Dr. Wen: “The right to travel in our state it’s not a constitutional right.”

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Spoken like a true communist!

This would be funny if she wasn’t serious.

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The Pursuit of Happiness IS a Constitutional Right!!!
Travel makes me Happy.
A Thriving Travel and Hospitality Industry makes me Happy. It helps to create a Thriving USA Economy and That makes me Happy.
So, you are out of line with your “Opinions”.


Yup cnn is always stupid always


What constitution is she reading? Not the one I’ve read. Oh, that’s right. She’s never read the US CONSTITUTION


She just screwed her bosses to get tge job.

She is like harris.

They both are doing jobs they got by doing jobs on their knees.


Why is cnn still on the air? They are clearly wrong every time they talk.

You don’t have the right to travel. If for no other reason then the pursuit of happiness.

Isn’t it funny that cnn who screams about tge women having the right to decide what happens to their body ( i.e. abortion: which 99.999% of the time ends another’s life) says that same woman should not have the right to decide about a vaccine and now should not have the right to travel.

Since blacks are the highest percentage of unvaccinated people followed by women 25 to 55 the analogy is not fictitious.

Cnn is being racist and completely illogical.

What happened to my body my choice? We better not there that out of tge liberals and democrats anymore.

And rape is clearly no longer a big deal. I can force a needle into you and inject you with whatever I want. So forcing a penis into you and injecting a known commodity into you is no big deal.

So forced covid vaccines then decriminalization rape.