CNN SLAMMED For Lying About WallStreetBets GameStop Rebellion, The SLV Short Squeeze Is FAKE NEWS

“CNN SLAMMED For Lying About WallStreetBets GameStop Rebellion, The Elites Are DESPERATE And FAILING. CNN, like many other outlets, is pushing a fake narrative so obvious it’s shocking. Posts at nearly every news outlet claim Reddit is trying to pump silver even though a cursory glance at WallStreetBets reveals it’s not true. We are seeing a move so desperate in an attempt to protect Wall Street and hedge funds that everyone can see it regardless of being left or right. While most progressives and conservatives understand that mainstream lies and push fake news, now we have a real and easy way to share something proving to friends and family who don’t believe it. The short squeeze is causing the whole machine to grind to a halt, and as panic sets in and GameStop stock and AMC stock soars for once, we see a transfer of wealth from the elites to the working class, and it’s nonpartisan.” Tim Pool

“The machine is not broken. The machine is doing what the machine has always done. We just know better now.”
Jason Rose

“The corruption is so obvious but Biden will back his corrupt friends.”
warney91 warne

“CNN exposed for telling lies. That’s like saying water is wet at this point.”

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