CNN Reporter is Blind to the Real Danger She is in From the Taliban…

CNN Reporter is Blind to the Real Danger She is in From the Taliban...
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Newsmax TV
– Grant Stinchfield looks at some of CNN’s coverage of the fall of Afghanistan and the Taliban takeover, and how one reporter is “blind to the reality” of the real danger she and her team face.

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” Life is hard, it’s harder if you’re stupid.” John Wayne.

Correction….Liberals do believe there is evil in the world. They call us Trump supporters.

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She does seem oblivious to the reality of the situation she is in. They could severely harm or kill her simply for speaking.
CNN has such a cozy relationship with the Dem Party they get tipped off on things, like when they are going to arrest a Trump friend in Florida at 5am. So, I am sure they would have been given a Heads Up so they could get their USA Citizen Personnel out of there, yet, there she is. If any USA Citizen is Harmed or Killed it is on Joe Biden. And his entire Admin should go down with him.
Which is the same for this entire Debacle Joe started on Jan 20 2021.


she doesnt know who she is dealing with just another snow flake with no sense at all its not calif. USA its already to late for her stupid bitch

Salvador Junius Provenzano

So the Biden payoff of the Taliban for helping him steal the election, his arming of the largest force in the middle east so they can strike other countries and Israel, and his utter disregard for the ethical and moral consideration of international agreement and contract is now complete.
But, what else could you expect from a man who was part of the duo that left pallets full of millions of dollars in cash to these barbarians before they left office.
All too convenient!
Too many coincidences!
Now, he has set the stage for the next series of “Convenient Crises” from which to lock people down even further not to mention emboldening our enemies all around the globe!
No way do we believe this BS any longer! No longer can we tolerate it as a Nation. Our very Society and Civilization is now at stake. This guy, those who surround him, the military industrial complex, the CIA, and the FBI, operating in conjunction with “Secret Societies” and “The Shadow Government” that helped co-opt the electoral process this past election, MUST BE STOPPED and STOPPED NOW!
They must be held accountable and pay the price for TREASON!
I am stunned at the lack of outrage against Biden by media and those who surround him on a daily basis! Like minded-Communists! He has made the entire free world a terribly more dangerous place, opened the door to future acts of terror on the homeland, and completely abandoned decency, honor, and fairness for those who are weak and unable to defend themselves.
Imagine what this guy intends to do to us!
He has already shown callous, complete, and utter disdain for our United States Constitution, placed an unaccountable/unelected bureaucracy in place as if it were a Fourth Branch of Government, illegally (The CDC), broken our booming economy, stolen our jobs and shipped them to China, stopped our nation’s energy independence and put us back into the Mid east with “hat in hand” like a bunch of beggars, surrounded himself with Atheist, Communist Anarchists, skyrocketed the inflation rate, increased gas prices by double digits, is attemptin to tax the very air we breath (Carbon Emissions/BTU), and is headed toward being a complete despot.
Time to be held to account!
No, not a Military Tribunal! He should face a court-martial by faithful Generals and members of our military for the gross dereliction of duty, the abandonment of the rule of law, high crimes, and misdemeanors.
May God help the remaining, decent citizens of the United States to remove this illegitimate President who grifted through 50 years of time in the Congress and put the touch on every enemy we have enriching himself at the nation’s expense while making an abject mess of everything he touched and every sentence he’s tried to construct!
May God have Mercy on us as a Sovereign Nation so he becomes unsuccessful in destroying our country at the behest of the criminals he is beholding to and return our land to it’s former humility, bounty, peace through strength, and the freedoms enumerated under our United States Constitution.
Saint Michael The Arch Angel, protect us from the devil who has come to destroy our country for, as foretold by Our Lady at Fatima in 1917, Russia has now indeed spread the errors of Communism through the entire world. We are in need of your Heavenly, Powerful Protections! Smite the devil, and his minions who have infested our political system and made it putrid with hatred for God, Greed, Narcissism, materialism, Consumerism, and Hedonism.
God Bless America!


She has her Hijab on – therefore, she feels as snug and safe as a bug in a rug!