CNN: Is Trump Staging a Coup?

CNN: Is Trump Staging a Coup?
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Dr. Steve Turley – According to CNN, President Trump is launching nothing less than a ‘slow coup’ to take back control of congress! That’s right! We’re going to look at what the leftwing activists disguised as journalists are saying about Trump’s amazing comeback, how he’s amassing a war chest as we’ve never seen, …and why pundits are recognizing that it may just be that the best days of Donald Trump’s leadership are yet to come; you are not going to want to miss this!

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Dear CNN, NO, President Trump is UNDOING a COUP.

CNN: “Is President Trump staging a coup?” Everyone else: “God, we hope so.”

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It’s no coup! We will use the vote at the polls with no cheating like the demorats do.

Briben biden

I wish president trump would have the ability to stage a coup and then arrest every single person paid by CNN, MSNBC, and CBS then toss them in the ocean.

The current people in office staged a coup through voter fraud and they are deserve to bee hung.


What… No “military tribunal”… No, though, your comment made me chuckle (“toss them into the ocean”… #Fishfood


Hidenbiden, may be the puppet, for now, but not long,Americans know the election was stolen. This corrupt,racist,sexualperv,senile,frail,old,fool is unfit to serve, he has stage 3 dementia, has no idea what he is doing. He needs to be removed for total incompetence, he has endangered all americans, with his open borders. He has endangered our national security,with cartels inside our borders. No coup needed, this blithering,idiot will doom himself, with his stupidity, and unconstitutional actions. He is the laughing stock of America and the world. The allies are laughing and so are our enemies, he is a pushover and spineless. Trump will be back sooner, than u think.