Clear Double Standard Of FBI Revealed By Lindsey Graham

Clear Double Standard Of FBI Revealed By Lindsey Graham
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Washington: Today, newly classified FBI documents and communications were released by the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, Lindsey Graham. In the classified documents, the Bureau’s double standards were revealed when it came to Clinton and Trump’s presidential election campaigns.

According to the declassified documents and communications, FBI leadership had given defensive briefing to Clinton’s presidential campaign team, before a FISA warrant could be pursued by the FBI field office for the threat posed to his campaign by the foreign government intervention. However, the similar counterintelligence threat existed in 2016 against Trump’s presidential election. At that time, the FBI opened up the Crossfire Hurricane Investigation and relentlessly pursued the FISA warrants which targeted Trump’s campaign hard.

From the declassified news, the double standards of the FBI and the Department of Justice are evident when it came to Clinton and Trump’s presidential election campaigns.

The newly released documents have showed that the foreign government was struggling to influence Clinton’s presidential campaign through a campaign associate, and the FBI was looking forward to a FISA warrant. However, the Bureau did the opposite of what was required; the FBI contacted Hillary Clinton and informed her of the matter so she could devise a corrective action.

When it came to Trump’s presidential election campaign in the year 2016, the FBI had opened up four counterintelligence investigations against the Trump Campaign associates. President Trump was not briefed about the FBI’s concerns at all — not even once!

The more appalling and shocking thing is, when the FBI was giving a generic briefing to the Trump Campaign about the foreign influence and intervention, they failed to voice the specific concerns about Trump’s associates. They also sent an FBI agent into the briefing session solely with the purpose of monitoring President Trump and General Flynn.

The FBI had utilized the generic briefing to President Trump and General Flynn as an intelligence gathering tool, which is both inappropriate and shameful.

The FBI did an amazing job by briefing Clinton about the specific concerns, and they did the exact opposite by never specifically letting President Trump know about the concerns that the FBI had.

Counterintelligence investigations are supported to safeguard the Americans from any perceived and prospective foreign influence and intervention. They are never criminal in nature.

Provided with all the outstanding revelations of the FBI’s bias compiled by Inspector General Horowitz and others, it is evident that there was indeed a double standard. The FBI did not strive to safeguard the Trump Campaign. Rather, they tried to infiltrate the campaign and sabotage his presidency. Undermining the presidential elections was the motive behind the “double-standard working style” of the FBI in 2016.

Our goals and objectives should ensure the protection of the American political campaigns from foreign influence and intervention, but the same tools should not be utilized as political weapons for defeating the competitors by the law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, or intelligence agencies.

Reforms and amendments are required to revise the FISA counterintelligence programs, as they are necessary tools in the modern day we live in. But no amendments and reforms would bring fair results until the people who had previously abused the tools are questioned in the courts of law and held responsible for their actions by either dismissal or a sentence. If the culprits are not held accountable, there will never be trust between the general public and the FBI.

Lastly, all of us must praise the hard work of the Senate Judiciary Committee Staff in finding the documents, and Attorney General Barr and FBI Director Wray for securing the release of the documents. The Americans need to witness the FBI and the DOJ face the consequences of their actions.