China Is Creating A Crisis That Americans Know Nothing About

Daniel Patrick Moynihan has been a New York Senator for a long time. His daughter, Maura Moynihan, is a dedicated activist of the Free Tibet movement. She has a passion and great interest in many of the countries in Southeast Asia.

She has written many editorials in news outlets such as The Washington Post. Maura Moynihan is considered an expert on the issues in Southeast Asia. She has traveled a lot and kept many contacts throughout the region.

A few years ago, it had become difficult for her to publish articles in media outlets. Moynihan believes that the reason for this is her being a critic of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and an advocate for Tibet and the rest of Southeast Asia.

Moynihan is known as a harsh critic of the CCP. She has been issuing warnings about severe humanitarian and environmental threats in the region for a few reasons. First is the imminent danger that will happen should the Three Gorges Dam fail. Second are the consequences caused by the CCP’s overuse, mismanagement, and disregard of the many natural resources in Tibet.

1. The Dam Issue

The news reports about the historic level of flooding in China have been few and far between. But the flooding and the threat that it poses to the Three Gorges dam has been in even fewer news reports.

One might wonder why the flooding is so severe even with the dam. Ever wonder why the houses seem to collapse easily? Well, here’s why:

The reason why there have been few reports despite the urgency, might be that the dam was considered an engineering marvel when construction was completed. The dam was built for a multitude of purposes: from providing a large reservoir for shipping traffic, to protecting the millions of people who live in the Hubei Province from the periodic flooding of the Yangtze River.

After construction, the ability to generate hydroelectric power with 32 turbine generators was also added.

So wherein lies the problem?

Despite the dam, flooding has destroyed more than 1,200 sites with historical and archeological importance. Should the dam fail, the damage caused will be irreversible, way beyond just the province.

The Yangtze River has flooded 5 times in 2020 alone. The video below shows the damage that the floods have caused.

Moynihan stated that 80% of the medication in the United States is produced and manufactured in the area that would be hit by the flood if the dam collapsed. Should the dam fail, America will be affected as well. This is not China’s problem alone.

As of now, the CCP has stated that the dam has no issues, despite the reported cracks and internal destruction. It would certainly be for the best if that were true.

According to Moynihan, a sudden collapse of the dam could leave the Americans and millions of people around the world without life-sustaining and possibly life-saving medication.

2. The Danger To Asia

As an advocate of the Free Tibet movement, Moynihan has done her best to detail the history and environmental importance of the Tibetan plateau. She has also described the ecological impacts of the CCP takeover of the plateau.

The CCP has a military advantage as the plateau has a raised elevation. According to Moynihan, they have militarized the area to an incredible extent, by building thousands of barracks and setting up other installations. It wouldn’t be strange for China’s neighbors to be well aware of the threat this poses.

She says that China could hit the capitals of South and Southeast Asia in 20 minutes with the military equipment on the plateau. A more shocking statement is that a lot of the military technology readied on the plateau was stolen from American companies.

According to Moynihan, her biggest concern is that if the dam breaks or collapses, the CCP will initiate a military action in order to take the attention away from the failure.

Still, it doesn’t stop there.

Apparently, the Chinese are also weaponizing fresh water. 

3. Fresh Water: China’s Weapon?

All of the major rivers in Southeast Asia come from the Tibetan plateau except for one. The Ganges River is located just outside the Chinese occupied territory, which is why it lies beyond their reach.

The CCP has diverted the rivers back to China through the use of a complex system of dams and tunnels. This has caused a serious drought in Southeast Asia.

According to Moynihan, the rivers are becoming polluted because of the careless mining and the sudden industrialization of Tibet. The region has some of the largest uranium reserves and other metals, which the Chinese are mining without stopping.

Tibet also has the third-largest ice mass in the world, and it’s melting 70% faster than the others because of the irresponsible industrial activity. Now there is a significant amount of black on the face of the ice range, which was completely white with snow and ice a mere ten years ago.

It’s not easy to get accurate information about China as they keep everything under wraps. Maura Moynihan’s interview with The Epoch Times is available here.

The debate over China and the issues that the CCP poses for the United States and the rest of the world will not be ending any time soon. Moynihan’s interview is an excellent overview of the under-reported issues in China.